Weekend Update

Dennis Miller is the essence of Weekend Updates in the mindshare of 30 somethings across the land. He was the first person that many school children emulated with the big signing name writeoff. I always felt like doing a few good big scribblies on my tests in grade school. Any how, that’s a digression.

Today is the day after the world was supposed to end again, but the only big news was the Beattles came to video games. There is irony there somewhere.

This weekend (hence the update), I will be the sole photographer for the Rose City Triathlon in Tyler, Texas. Looks to be a small scenic race with ~200 participants, just right for me to cover solo.

Last weekend I was the racer in an endurance event with one of the stranger marathon runs I have done. Only strange because of how my body reacted to the elevation sapping my hydration and cramping my calves to the point of not supporting my body weight.

Albuquerque Marathon

Does that look like happiness to you?, me either. But I finished and learned that Salt/Endurolytes/Magic Elixir will help me cross the finish line with functioning muscle groups. So that’s nice.

Got a few good pictures up on the flickr page – www.flickr.com/azulox/ from the event.

Another wedding got booked yesterday, so get your orders in soon.

Back to regular posting next week.


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