Underwater Extravaganza: Creative Portraits


Once or twice a year we figure is a good time to just go crazy with an over the top underwater fashion/concept shoot. This year’s event we dubbed the “Underwater Extravaganza” and boy did it live up to it’s name. I really feel as though this was the best day of underwater photography we have had. A bunch of talented, brave and creative folks came together to make this all happen. Let me start by naming our host for the day and makeup guru, Lecia Harkins with Austin Beauty on the Go for having a deep pool and a deep pool of fashion makeup knowledge. The second huge thanks goes to Robin Leddy at Gillded Petals for her jaw-dropping underwater set you see in the first photo. I mean, just wow, wow, wow. Thanks for your help in sending this day over the top Robin! Our support team of Kody and Austin kept me running smooth throughout the day and allowed me to photo torture our models who never had enough oxygen as I happily breathed through the scuba tanks.

The first photo at the top is an homage to a Midsummers Night Dream which is fitting because this was an end to the summer shoot as we prepare for a steady diet of client work (and a newborn coming in December) and colder temperatures. Robin created this amazing set with PVC piping and her florist talents. She also had the pink adult ballet dress custom made for us. So thanks again Robin. We wanted the feel to be soft and show Jenny Lynn, our model, floating through her dreams in an underwater garden. Pretty Epic, huh?

Our Second Photograph shows off Stacy and our concept of “Love is Lost”. We show her sinking to the abyss as she clutches a her heart in one hand and a dying bouquet in the other. Heavy I know.

The next set of three photographs is from my concept called “I Dream in Color” and we show different models dreaming and becoming the primary colors of Red, Blue and Yellow.

We finish off a few of the concepts with Katie behind the bubbles in her corset and bouquet, and then Ryan as he becomes the Wizard with his Staff and Crystal Ball.

Just an amazing, amazing day that left me sore for three days and a touch sunburn after 9 hours of shooting in the pool. Thanks to all who helped with this Shoot!
Let me know your favorites!!!







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