Travis & Stacy: Bull Creek Engagements


Yall are going to be seeing more of this couple as these are just the first installments of their engagement sessions. We have something amazing planned for the second session. Our goal for this engagement session was to showcase Travis & Stacy’s love of the outdoors and their love for each other. We picked Bull Creek for the way the sunlight hits the creek, and because I knew there was a rope swing to utilize.

The rope swing is the first idea we had in doing a Tarzan inspired swinging from the vines chasing his Jane photo. Travis did amazing in the multiple takes it took to get him swinging into the right space. These were the last photos of the shoot. The second to last set included a waterfall and a kiss, and if you follow our work, of course we had to have water involved somehow! We dragged the shutter to 1/15th to get the blurring of water to show motion while Travis and Stacy embraced, Stillness in Motion and all that.

Thanks Stacy and Travis for braving the scorching Austin sun to capture these moments. Looking forward to our next installment already!





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  1. Love it!! Sitting on the rocks in my favorite but my office neighbor likes the rope swing.

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