Todd & Michelle: Austin Paddle Boarding and Graffiti Engagements


We love our couples that give us the freedom to create a mini-storybook of their lives. Michelle and I had quite a few brainstorming sessions about what silliness we should photograph that best represented her and Todd. Wine Stomping, Pedicab with their Dog, and a few others hit the cutting room floor as we nailed down our three locations to the Graffit Wall on 11th, Paddle boarding on Town Lake and at Big Top Candy Store.

First up was the graffiti wall on 11th where Todd and Michelle wanted to recreate the hip hop vibe of the 80’s. Sadly we couldn’t locate a boombox the size of small truck but the hard light and fisheye pulled a lot of the weight on this section. We even got them to spray paint their wedding date and initials onto the wall.

Second was the most challening as we ventured onto Town Lake in 2 person kayak photographing Todd and Michelle sharing a SUP board. Todd did all the work as he paddled around and around chasing the light. I was directing them holding onto my camera secured in our underwater housing while our gal Marina paddled us around to get the right angles. Michelle made cute faces as she does.

Last we hit up South Congress to visit the Big Top Candy Shop. Apparently Todd has a bit of the sweet tooth, and Michelle, well, she is a dental hygienist. Natural tension ensued and then they brought the dog into the mix to decide which parent’s vice he preferred. The lollipup, er, lollipop won out to no one’s surprise.

We are looking forward to their wedding at The Union on Eighth in December with some of our fave vendors and seeing how they decorate and plan around the fun that is this couple.

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