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We partnered up with a few of our favorite creative professionals to submit a photograph to this year’s 2013 Austin Fashion Week Mash Up Team Competition. Our design inspiration was a tarot card, hence the name Team Arcana. Our photograph for the competition was then to look like a modern tarot card with gothic influences.

Now finding a gothic building in Austin or the surrounding area proved to be the first challenge. We originally thought of the State Capitol, but that pink granite is easy to spot. We did some google searching for castles in the area, but they were either too new, or the wrong style. So where to turn for gothic? The Catholic Church on tenth street of course! Oh, but more problems, the church is currently under construction. We solved this by shooting on the back side of the church in an empty parking lot.

Now we have a location, and we have our team working to get all the details in place. Abbey Gapko did great work on hair, Shannon Marie Trigger on Makeup and Valeri from Jinxedaposed clothing on styling and design. And of course our model, Jenny Lynn who was the muse and model. On my side of the equation, my trusty first mate Austin McGrew was running lights, carrying gear and figuring out gel colors. So team in place, model in place, just time for me to work the magic.

The basic setup was to underexpose the sky to set our base exposure. For the church we had a big reflector on our AlienBee at 1/2 power creating a big uplight on the church wall. We gelled a small strobe with a full orange gel to create a bit of sunset/drama on Jenny’s right side. The key light was a giant octobox with a grid. We played with the key from above and below to change the shadow fall. To pull in the church we shot low, ok, I was laying on the ground, with a 70-200 at 200 to pull the church into the shot.

Click this link to see our final submitted image and be sure to vote!
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