Noel and Denise – Save The Date Video

From our not-engagement shoot from a few weeks ago with Noel and Denise. I knew in my head that I wanted to surprise the couple with a little something different. I have been experimenting more and more in the Still+Video hybrid shoots. For this shoot, I knew that I wouldn’t have access to my video function (that camera was elsewhere), but I did have access to my high speed burst mode 🙂

We went with a cinema theme because the happy couple loves movies! There will also be an appearance of the PropBooth at the Reception.

AzulOx Photography will be covering this wedding on 12/11/10.

Noel and Denise – Save The Date from Josh Baker on Vimeo.

Noel and Denise, I am so excited for you guys!

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The Perkins Family – Video and Stills – Austin, Texas

I know Adam and Dacia through my work with Team Rogue Elite. Last week, I got to meet Adam’s parents and the newest addition to the family – Avaya. Thank you Adam and Dacia for sharing Avaya with us, she is a superstar!

The video that follows was shot on a Canon 1d IV and the stills come from the same camera and a Canon 50D.


Avaya from Josh Baker on Vimeo.

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Morning at the Movies

Well, not really the movies, but we turned a 30 person “theater” inside a church in Northwest Austin into a real enough cinema for the purposes of our shoot.

Boo this Man!

The purpose of our shoot? same as every photo shoot I am on – to get great pictures, to hit a couple of solid singles and doubles, and then go for the homeruns. Try and hit for the cycle. In non-baseball terms, get the solid out of the way, and then try something new and exciting.

Today, part of that excitement is my continued foray into the realm of HD(V)slr video. That is, capturing video with a Canon Mark IV that my good friend lets me borrow from time to time. I think that the blending of stills and motion, sound and post-production will be “The Next Big Thing”. I want to be part of that because video in short bursts can be fun and gets my mind thinking along different paths, paths that influence my still work as well.

After 4 sheets of paper, dried leaves and a bottle of lighter fluid, the charcoal is lit

The other part of my excitement from today is developing deeper relationships with a few models, and forging new models out of friends and acquaintances. Today on the set we a few models who have agents and a few who today was their first time in front of the camera. Everything ran smooth, outside of the fire lighting, and the veterans helped the rookies to have a great first experience.

Tomorrow, I will be attempting a more hybrid shoot of a newborn. Going to attempt a more even split of motion and stills and then craft them into something my clients will love.

Until then,

HD DSLR Video – Now from AzulOx…

Howdy Gang,

For those of me who have known me for a while, you might remember that Video/Film was my first college degree choice. I didn’t end up there, but I did study a couple of things along the way. I have been pretty much exclusive to stills for the last few years with a couple of dalliances into video with some flip cams, but nothing like the Canon 1D Mark IV. Holy Cow. I want to thank Rick Kent at for letting me borrow some sweet gear.

Yesterday, I wanted to test out the capabilities of the Canon 1D IV and the Canon 300mm f2.8 telephoto lens. Wow. Blown away. On the still side, I shot at iso 6400 handheld with a 1.4 extender indoors at 1/125 and got this.

Door Knob - be still thy beating heart...

I know, not the most exciting picture, but the image quality is still crisp albeit grainy at 420mm and f4.

What I really wanted to use this setup for is the video capabilities. I headed to a local field to get some Texas Bluebonnets in the afternoon sunlight. Put together a quick edit in Premiere, upload to vimeo and done. I didn’t put any music to this, because I didn’t feel like searching for rights-free music, this being just a technical demo.

April Bluebonnets in Pflugerville from Josh Baker on Vimeo.

I will be doing more of this type of video soon, some going for clients and some going to istockvideo. Learning the ropes again of video compression and codecs and frame rates. It’s enough to make me feel like a rookie again.

Enjoy the pretty flowers