Audrey: UT Senior Portraits in downtown Taylor


Audrey channels Audrey. Audrey and team AzulOx have been discussing a shoot like this for at least a year now. Late nights working weddings together usually yields some strange ideas but the Breakfast at Tiffany’s Audrey Hepburn and graduating from Texas Audrey seemed to merge for a hour or so in downtown Taylor. Sassy, Funny, and a little quirky our modern Audrey nailed her transformation. A quick outfit change combined with the speedy hair and makeup change by Revelry Beauty and we were on our way to a Brigitte Bardot 1960’s romp against and old Cotton Press. And what AzulOx shoot wouldn’t be complete without a sunset shoot with a sparkly gold dress.

We are excited to see what the future holds for Audrey UT 2016 graduate, she has already mastered the 1950’s and 1960’s, let’s see what the 2010’s have in store.




Audrey Senior Shoot - 0016

Audrey Senior Shoot - 0009

Audrey Senior Shoot - 0004

Helina: Pflugerville Senior Portraits

Helina Pflugerville Senior Portraits #-1

Helina and I have been working on the theme and concept for the creative half of her senior portraits since we photographed her older sister’s senior portraits. With Helina’s love of all things Italian and my love of vintage fashion we decided on theme that can best be described as Audrey Hepburn as shot for Vogue Italia. Our locale is the fabulous Taylor Mansion in Taylor, Texas a place with it’s own history and stories to tell. We loved using their Victorian-styled drawing room downstairs and the intricate stained glass hallway upstairs. We Highly Recommend the staff and venue for portrait sessions and weddings, just has a vibe about it.

For the second half of our shoot we explored downtown Taylor with its different era buildings and background playing host to our photographic whims. Helina’s blue outfit contrasted amazingly with the red door we found in one alley. An abandoned loading dock with green hues paired well with our letter jacket pose and the Pflugerville HS blue. This was our first time in downtown Taylor and we are definitely heading back, we saw some great urban textures that would look super for other portraits including a green wall with frosted glass that intrigues me.

Thanks to Ashley for helping us out on this shoot and a big thanks to Helina for collaborating on such an amazing Senior Session. Make sure and give her lots of love in the comments!

Helina Pflugerville Senior Portraits #-11

Helina Pflugerville Senior Portraits #-6

Helina Pflugerville Senior Portraits #-7

Helina Pflugerville Senior Portraits #-9

Helina Pflugerville Senior Portraits #-15

Helina Pflugerville Senior Portraits #-20