Emily: Water Skiing Senior Photos in Seguin

Emaily Nash - Seguin High School Senior - 010

On a boat! Emily’s Senior Portrait Experience featured the first time we have ever used a ski boat as a movable platform for our studio lights, or photographed a cap and gown on water skis! When Emily’s mother contacted us, we knew we were in for a special assignment. The conversation started with cheer-leading photographs and maybe around downtown Seguin in her Aggieland outfit, but the talk turned to Emily loving to waterski at Lake McQueeney and could we take some on the boat too. Well of course #teamblue was ready for that challenge. Josh was on the main boat with his flash on the chase boat where Andrew was stationed shooting with a flash back on the main boat. Team shooting allowed us to get different angles while Emily cruised around the water on 2 then on 1 water ski.

Projects like this are what AzulOx is known for, taking a normal senior portrait session and turning it into a Senior Portrait Experience with 2 photographers, assistants, and lights firing all over the waterfront. What can Team Blue do for you?!

Emaily Nash - Seguin High School Senior - 013

Emaily Nash - Seguin High School Senior - 009

Emaily Nash - Seguin High School Senior - 007

Emaily Nash - Seguin High School Senior - 008

Emaily Nash - Seguin High School Senior - 015

Emaily Nash - Seguin High School Senior - 004

Emaily Nash - Seguin High School Senior - 016

Emaily Nash - Seguin High School Senior - 017

Emaily Nash - Seguin High School Senior - 005

Kelsey & Sean: Pearl Stables Wedding in San Antonio -Austin Wedding photographers - First Dance -

Kelsey & Sean: Pearl Stables Wedding in San Antonio


Kelsey and Sean were married at Faith Lutheran Church in Seguin and the reception followed at the Pearl Stables in San Antonio. Now, where to begin on the fun stories of the evening. We started the day off by making the groom and his guys take photos in the pre-school room at the church. The mother of the bride was my pre-school teacher so we had to bring it full circle for this family affair. Continuing the family affair, the Orange Poppy (Josh’s Sister) was the florist for the evening and produce their usual brand of client specific floral pieces.

The reception was at an amazing new to us venue called Pearl Stables. The former home of the 60 odd horses that the Pearl Brewery used has now been fit and finished out to be a spectacular venue. It took us awhile to take in all the details before we could show it off photographically. Just so many details around the building with a history that is rarely seen in most modern venues. Inside the Stables was laughter, camradarie and a dance party to celebrate Kelsey & Sean. Spy the red headed boy doing the worm!

We are so happy for Kelsey & Sean and were honored to take part of their wedding day!












Danielle: Senior Portraits


Danielle will soon be graduating from Seguin High School and making the trek an hour north to attend the University of Texas. I say good choices all around, since that is exactly what I did. This session was a bit of whirlwind. We got through six locations/six light setups in about 2 hours plus a brief posing primer at the beginning of the session. We would have done more but Danielle’s sister Tiffany wouldn’t share any of her delicious goldfish crackers so we ran out of energy. Our theme for the shoot was “nothing normal” (which is most of my shoots!) so we used ring flashes, hard lights, soft lights, direct sun and a shady ambient. The differing lights showed off the different aspects of Danielle’s personality but didn’t show her tattoo! (Have to ask her mom about that).

Tell Danielle which is your favorite in the comments and start her summer off right.






Jillian: Seguin Senior Portraits


Hmm. Where to start on this session? We had the sweet and sassy section in an old barn with lots of dusts and sun. Then there was the bonfire in a field with a windmill in the background. Or maybe it was how we ended in a gym doing cross fit? Any way you slice it, we had an amazing time making senior portraits with Jillian in Seguin, Texas. Her smile lit up the dusty barn and her box jumps left us amazed. We also have to give her dad some credit in building a bonfire in heavy winds and then tamping it out when the fire spread a bit.

There is still time to get your Senior Portraits done! What aspect of your personality can we show off? And lastly, which one is everyone’s favorite? I have an idea but I will leave the vote up to the public





Andrew + Cathie: Wedding Highlights

The wedding of Andrew + Cathie took place in First United Methodist Church in Seguin, Texas with the reception at T Bar M Resort in New Braunfels, Texas. Searching for adjectives to describe the wedding I just kept coming up with synonyms of fun! The bridesmaids all wore red sunglasses with style, the groomsmen were a hoot, the toasts were sweet and poignant, and there was dancing. Cathie just exudes fun with a strong grounding in family and friends and Andrew is the willing instigator/conspirator. Little touches here and there such as the wedding boots, the live band, the exuberance of the happy couple provided the night with a sense of all that is good in the world. So happy for yall!

It’s going to be strange not photographing this couple every few weeks like we have been this winter and spring. Our ideas for engagement session took two days to finish, the bridal session was daring and beautiful and now the wedding is over all we have are these amazing photos and two videos for you to look at. I know, I know, we are thinking of asking them to hold another ceremony next year just so we can do it all again!

Let’s set the mood with a hightlight video we captured during the day.

And now on to the photos!









People and Vendors who helped make the photos awesome
Kaush Biyani: Second Shooter
Austin McGrew: Video/Assistant
Wes Al-Azzawe: Wedding Planner with Modern Moments
Cake: 2 Tarts
Florist: A Flower Basket
Hair: Emily Waggoner
Makeup: The Retreat
Band: The Initials

Hannah M: Seguin HS Senior Portraits


We love clients who are open to new ideas and creative suggestions. Hannah is our senior portrait client from Seguin High School that we are also using as our fusion project lab rat. We photographed Hannah as we normally would, with cinematic style and lighting. For this session though we also had our video camera and audio mics rolling to create a short interview and footage of Hannah interacting throughout our session. For a location, we started at the home Hannah grew up in McQueeny, Texas and stayed in the area taking advantage of a few old factories with lots of textures and grunge. We are excited to share with you our first Senior Portrait Fusion Session and look forward to offering more in terms of blending audio, video and photographs.

Here is the interview/fusion video. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel for all of our video updates.

And a few more from our Session



Thanks again to my super assistant Austin for running double duty of running lights for me and filming the audio and video for the project.
Thanks to Hannah for being up for something cool!

Tori: Seguin HS Senior Portraits {On Stage and in the Field}

Tori singing her heart out

Where do we start on this amazing session with Tori? Such a contrast in styles and interests. This is why our senior portrait sessions are so fun to do, we can show off Tori’s ability on stage and her trigger finger in the field, and finish it up with a little sass in evening wear. A young woman with many interests and self-proclaimed inability to show off sass. Let’s start with the the stage portion.

Our good friends at the Texas Theater opened their doors for us to use their stage and balcony areas for us to show off Tori’s love of the stage and performing. The photos are a mix of the ambient stage ligthing mixed in with our additional big lights and are themed with Tori’s acting/singing. Love the balcony area with the restored antique theater seating from the late 30’s. Just gives a cool vibe to the whole process. Tori comes out looking like a young stage ingenue!

From a little black dress to almost full camouflage Tori moved into a different gear and showed us how she hunts with a rifle and shotgun, careful to not let anyone else touch her Remington 700 series with Zeiss optics (something we can agree on) or her 1100 series trap shotgun.

We finished up the session around the town square in Seguin at Tori’s church. We used the long walkway’s to create graphic light and shadow to contrast with the sweetness that Tori brings.

Thanks Tori for letting us flex our creative muscles a bit!
For all you seniors out there, or soon to be, imagine what aspects of your life we can show off.


2013 Seguin HS Senior – Ashlyn

Ashlyn has mad hops!

Introducing Ashyln, 2013 Senior at Seguin High School, she is going to be the captain of the cheerleading team, dances and teaches at the Suzi Hughson School of Dance and is our spokesmodel for the Seguin area for 2013 Seniors. And how do you photograph an acrobat full of energy and sour patch kids (RED!), you have her jump off of tall structures repeatedly! We had a blast with Ashyln as we quite literally bounced around Seguin. From the fields and wind of the Big Red Barn to the back alleys of downtown we were on the search for amazing photographs. How did we do?

And if you are a Senior in Guadalupe county looking for out of the ordinary photographs to capture your spirit and personality then contact us today to schedule your appointment.
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Collin & Amy – No Mulligans

Ready and Waiting before the Ceremony

So excited to see the nuptials of Collin & Amy this past weekend in Seguin, Texas. The wedding and reception was held at the historic Weinert House and the above photo was taken in the formal dining room. So many cool little nooks and crannies to play with, and apparently it is haunted too….
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Emily’s Senior Portraits – Seguin, Texas

Patches and Badges

Emily and I had fun, fun, fun! We toured around downtown Seguin, setting up lights, striking some poses, yes both of us, and made some super fun photos along the way. Emily has a letter jacket that is a mere canvas for her Band and Tennis patches and badges. Mine was never this cool, mainly because I lettered in cross-country and in high school that wasn’t cool.

Emily is just so full of socialness and giddiness, not sure if both of those are words, but you get the idea.

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Seguin’s 4th of July Parade

The colors on display at the front of the parade.

The 4th of July Parade in Seguin is a certified Big Deal. Entrants come from all over the surrounding counties to drive down Austin St. in front of crowd lined businesses. It’s the closest Guadalupe county will ever get to a Royal Wedding.

Sunny Side Spectators

I can remember as kid the Shriner Cars zooming around in their s-curves. Candy was always thrown from the tops of the floats, and we would scramble after Tootsie Rolls in little mobs. And then of course, Uncle Sam walking on stilts in a royal blue and patriotic red suit waving to the citizens of Seguin. That was the Parade of my youth.
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Noel and Denise Wedding Photos – Seguin, Texas – Weinert House

First up, let me say that Noel and Denise have been an absolute pleasure to work with. They have communicated their ideas and thoughts to me, and I strived to fulfill their vision.

Second, their wedding was a blast!

Third, Mike at the Weinert House and Colinda from Bloomer’s had the venue in great condition with lots of nice touches that allowed the night to move in rhythm.

Lastly, I will stop my rambling and show you the highlight pictures of the evening.

Weinert House Wedding Venue

Noel and his Groomsmen

Denise, moments before she heads to the ceremony

Flower Details from Bloomers

Just look at the love in her eyes!


Ballet Folklorico Dancers

First Dance, the slow part

First Dance, the Michael Jackson part

Formals at the beautiful Weinert House

One from the Silly Booth

If you want to see all the photos – check out their custom gallery
And I will throw another link up to their save the date video we did together this summer.

Thanks to Andrew Fritz for another successful wedding team up

Noel and Denise, we wish you all the best from the bottom of our hearts!

Operation Dance – Seguin, Texas

Chelsea in front of the Gazebo

After taking a few thousand photos at a marathon earlier in the day, I headed over to Pecan Fest in downtown Seguin to take some images for my friends in the Suzi Hughson School of Dance: Operation Dance .

Stormy Seguin Square, also notice the extension cord running from the stop sign, taxpayer money at work there....

I also wanted to grab some images for the Gretchen Bee Ranch, but they had already sold out and headed home! Yeah for success, boo for not seeing my friends.

We all showed off our Country dancing skills

Anyhow, these were medium-RAW images from the new camera, 5dII, I have noticed a little vignetting wide open with the 24-105, nothing software can’t fix but its there.

Jump Around

Little Bit of the Crowd

See all of the images here


First Day with Canon 5d II – Matador Football – Seguin, Texas

Pink and Black and Gold

My new camera came in from Canon on Friday. One of the advantages of the new machine is the gain in low light shooting situations, and what is lower light that Friday Night Lights? Not much, the blend of action stopping shutter speed and funky tungsen/halogen/flourescent lighting with reflective green surfaces and black uniforms? Yeah pressure cooker for new camera.

Recovered in the end zone for a quick score, ugh...

7 to nothing in a blink

The Matadors were playing host to rival San Marcos on Friday, and the game started out with the strangest play. A brisk north wind carried the opening squib kick bouncing around and over the Matador players arms and heads, ending up in the end zone where San Marcos recovered for a touchdown without any time expiring off the clock. 7-0 San Marcos.

QB Erlich? led the team on big scoring drives running and passing

That touchdown proved to be the only score of the night for the Rattlers, as the Matador defense and offense provided the final tally of 35-7.

Some of the Family together

The game also marked the first time where my mother, sisters and I had all attended in a long while. Good to see everyone that we ran into, Shane, Chelsea, Noel and Denise, Mitch, the Kiels, you know who you are…

Chelsea Cheering with pink pom poms

Band! Trumpet and Horns


Patch of Open Space

Most of these were photographed at iso 3200 to 6400 iso, and they proved to be quite usable! I am thrilled with the early returns of this camera. The viewfinder is amazing to look through (small thing, big difference), the high iso ability opens up new worlds of lighting, and the menu’s are just like my 50D so no learning curve. Excellent!

And finally, GO MATS!

All of the images are here to view

— JB

Dance – Seguin, Texas

Visited Seguin on Monday, helping a friend build images for her website.

I processed these images a little darker than I usually do, but there is something in ballet photos that makes you want to get a little gritty in contrast to the smooth lines and elegance of the dancers.



The Wild Ride of a Weekend

It wasn’t Mr. Toads, but the last few days have been a journey for me, including the 768 miles I drove between Thursday and Sunday. The week started off with some new gear. I stepped up from battery powered strobes to an Alien Bee 800 with a 47 inch Octabox. For those who read this who have no idea what that last sentence means, I now have the sun in my bag. And yes, I did have to get a bigger bag.

Thursday, Headed out to Houston. Scouted the location of my Friday Corporate shoot in downtown. 16th floor conference room that looks out to the former Enron building. Well, it is still a building, just used to house Enron. Wrapped up the scouting, and proceeded to a Mother-Daughter head shot shoot. Had a wonderful time with Natalie, the actress, and Beverly, the corporate speaker. Beverly is from Alice and her family and my family were in a similar line of business back in the day, mainly oil fields and construction.

Beverly and Natalie

After the requirements of the shoot were done, we headed outside for a few Mother-Daughter moments.

Thursday night, Bari (friend from wayback), her few month old Max and I went for tacos at 100% Taco. Great little restaurant setup like a street vendor in Mexico. Even had the green taxi in the center.

Friday Morning, Downtown Houston. Corporate shoot for Enite Consulting, Thanks to Neal Hamil Agency for providing our clients and the awesome front desk help of Ashley and Brandon who made our time a breeze. Ashely is in film school, and Brandon does graphic design. Further proof of the creative mind looking to break out from behind the front desk. Another former Seguinite, Andrew, helped me with setup, grunt work, and detail picture taking. Thanks Andrew!

The shoot went great, lots of fun headshots/team shots/stocky shots. Can’t post em yet until the client is happy with them, but they will probably be their own post later.

Lunch with Andrew followed at The Hobbit? down by Rice U. Good blue cheese burger, The raspberry tea? not so much. Best part of the lunch. Guy in table next to us talking to three medical clients, “Don’t ever go into trading lumber futures, you can lose a lot of money in it” ….. What?!, I don’t even know where to begin on that one.

Friday evening, headed back to Austin in the rain. Dropped off the borrowed Vagabond power pack back to Jake North Photography (mine is on backorder), thanks Jake! Friday night was filled with backing up files, spinning hard drives and charging batteries. The glamorous life we lead 🙂

Muddy Buddy Mud Pit

Saturday morning up early to shoot the Muddy Buddy Austin race for brightroom in Johnson City. I was the photographer in the “pit”, 40 foot mud pit that the racing teams finished in. After 10 minutes of wearing sandals, it became a barefoot day in the mud. Great race, terrible parking, copious amounts of mud flying. (in my ear, on my beard, on top of hat, etc.) After I had cleaned up a little, enough to get into the wifey’s car, I helped a fellow photog get her car unstuck. Did I say cleaned up? I meant, splattered with mud from head to toe. Melissa, I am waiting for that six-pack….

Soon to be gone Sandals

Drove to Luling to grab some City Market hot links, then off to my mom’s in Seguin for a power nap. Saturday Night, my assistant Kaush and I tackled the wedding of Zac and Emily in downtown Seguin under the gazebo at Central Park. Following a horse drawn carriage ride to the reception area, Emily and Zac partied in the Coliseum of Seguin. All of their photos will be on my zenfolio site here

Emily and Zac

Drive back to Austin late, recharge batteries, dump files, backup files, catch a few hours sleep. Up again Sunday morning at 5am, picked up Tenille, my favorite Canadian Pro Triathlete, and headed out to Pace Bend Park for the last of the 2010 Rogue Trail Series, The BEND. Interesting course, in that the 10k and 30k racers finished in different directions. Gabe, the trail master, was trying to challenge me I know. Thanks to Minh for bringing me a breakfast beer up to my perch on the 30k course. The sprinkles came shortly after that, had to engineer cover for my flashes, and used a shoot thru umbrella as an actual, yknow, umbrella. Haha.

Umbrella'ed Flash

Finished up Sunday with another power nap, and then a Maternity shoot with my running buddy JP and his wife Vikki. Vikki’s daughter learned how to ride a bike that morning, so we got some snaps of that as well. Pretty powerful to be a part of both of those experiences, the expectation of a new child, and seeing another child hit a great milestone in their life. I have the best job.

To me, the journey of the last week encapsulated what I love so much about the photography business. Meeting new people, reconnecting with old friends for new purposes, challenging one self creatively, jumping into situations that make me feel a little uncomfortable – but surviving, and seeing joy in others as they pass into new life accomplishments.

Stay Thirsty My Friends, and enjoy the Wild Ride of your Lives!