Anne + Kristen: Austin Fitness Shoot


2015 is a year for us to build back our fitness portfolio after taking a year off to focus on other areas of our business. We are super excited to work with Anne and Kristen from Rogue Athletic Club on these portraits. They are both phenomenal athletes that have put in countless hours to build their fitness both mentally and physically as they attempt to qualify for the Olympics. At the time of the shoot Kristen had just returned from Edinburgh, Scotland where she represented winning Team USA in the 2015 Bupa Great Edinburgh Cross Country Race. Anne photographed with us this day and two weeks later for a super secret chilly session, more on that in later posts.

I love these photos because it shows the strong women doing their thing both as teammates and individuals. At times, the running is lonely and the ancillary workouts are isolating but then you come together as a team to work side by side.

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Jared & Megan: Running Austin Engagements


Running to a wedding near you in October Jared & Megan decided to have a bunch a fun on their engagement session and only moderately thumb their noses at no trespassing signs. We started around Barton Springs and the Zilker Hillside Theater for the open aired natural feel of the first photo in this post. We made a quick jaunt over to the Welcome to Austin postcard on Annie Street because Jared and Megan are both from out of state. And then the real fun began. Jared and I discussed how cool the new boardwalk around town lake is and wouldn’t it be nice to get some photos on it. After 2 or 3 false starts, and some gentle fence hopping we found a spot that gave us a great new view of downtown Austin near sunset. I think it will be a hugely popular spot once it opens in June.

The last section of our photos made me giggle too, because Jared reps Asics and Megan reps Adidas so they had a little competition to see who was faster and better looking, Meg won on both accounts for the record.

Let us know how we can personalize your engagement session and storytell your love for each other









#BoomAthlete : Chrissy Cowdrey Fitness Portraits


Chrissy needed fitness portraits for a project she is working on called “#BoomAthlete showcasing everyday people’s fitness through twitter and instagram using the #boomathlete hashtag. First, we love shoot that already have hashtags associated with them. Second, we are a big fan of fitness for everyone. We are proud to have coached experienced and new runners alike, so this project dovetails nicely with my own personal passions. That said, never in my life have I been as fit as Chrissy! She Booms and she Booms hard!

We covered this project in the area of Austin around the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge and the Seaholm Power Plant. We were lucky to have a random late summer rain storm blow in for the last bit of the shoot which made for some epically moody skies to shoot against. The first half of the session we mainly just used big silver and gold reflectors to punch in light where it was needed. Only toward the end did we break out one gelled speedlight to add drama to the scenes.

Let us know if you need fitness portraits or any other type of fitness related photography, we love it! And be sure to check out the hashtag in the coming weeks to see what Chrissy and her team have in store!






Ashley Erickson – Fitness Writer

Ashley at Sunrise

Meet Ashley Erickson. She is a fellow Rogue Runner and freelance writer/social media expert in the fitness arena. We crossed paths a few times and decided that she really needed better head shots and action shots for her website and marketing materials. Portraits and Action? My favorites! We met up early at Northeast Metro Park in Pflugerville to showcase a bit of the running trails that loop throughout the park. Continue reading

Austin City Lypse – Creative Shoot

First part of the First day of our Austin City Lypse is complete!

Morning Light at Red Bud Isle

We started the morning at two locations around Austin, with half the photogs and Pease Park and the other half at Red Bud Isle. My group at Red Bud Isle photographed the runners and stand up paddlers. A special thanks for Rogue Running and Austin Paddle Sports for keeping us outfitted this morning!

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Austin Marathon 2011 – Year of the Rogue

Start of the 2011 Austin Marathon

Headed out yesterday to the 2011 Austin Marathon downtown. I coached 6 runners in Pflugerville for the Rogue Running mothership. They all made it to the starting line for a tough day of wind, heat and humidity. A quick note to say how proud I am of Amy, Jess, Jen, Glenn, Tim and Dave. Each of them persevered during this tough training season to accomplish new goals in their lives. Way to go Pfluger Pfasties!

After shooting the start and the expected fireworks, I met up with Carolyn on the last uphill by 11th street. We made sure to clap and cheer for Rogue’s in particular and to add noise to the course in general. I contributed with the click of my shutter.

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Jeff & Cheri (&Rocky sometimes) – Engagement Photos – Walnut Creek Park, Texas

Jeff, Cheri and I have met on the running trails of Texas, usually with them running really long distances, and me taking lots and lots of photographs. We got together recently for some engagement photos that show off one of their favorite spots to run, Walnut Creek Park, with their dog – Rocky.

This crazy couple is also throwing a trail marathon event on the day before their wedding. You can check out “Race to the Altar” for more info.

We will be covering their wedding and trail marathon in March, can’t wait to post some of those photos too!

Rocky, really wanting to go running and not so much taking pictures

Jeff & Cheri, happily in love on a cool winters eve

Cheri's Calves after running 5 marathon plus distances in 5 weeks

Jeff and Cheri, on the trails in Walnut Creek Park

Running Round the Track

As some of you may know, I take many of the images seen on Rogue Running’s Blog. The folks at Rogue have a nascent elite training team that need more exposure. (<--- photog joke). Today we are going to talk about how light a subject like Raul, in the above image, to give some dramatic light to fast moving subject. Going into to this photoshoot I knew that I wanted to add edge lights. With my wireless triggers, the excellent AlienBee CyberSyncs, my max shutter speed is going to be 1/250th of a second. Faster would be better, but then the lights start doing funny things, so 1/250 it was. To set my aperture, I just kept upping the dial until I got an f-stop that was making my ambient go somewhat underexposed. It was between f11 and f14 depending on cloud cover. My plan was then to build the subjects up with flash, making them the brightest object in the frame. I setup the flashes at the transition area from straightaway to curve on the track. This gave me the opportunity to shoot the runners straightaway, profile and everywhere in between. The sun is coming in at about a 45 degree angle to the runner. I setup 3 flashes, one from behind and 2 in front of the subject. [caption id="attachment_76" align="alignleft" width="500" caption="Diagram"][/caption] Hopefully, my crude photoshopping will illustrate this setup. The flashes were at 1/2 power, to get me some recycle time. The low flash in front is aimed at the shoes to help freeze the motion in the lower leg and foot area, since this is the part of the body traveling with the most speed. Part of the issue with shooting at 1/250th is that you can get some motion blur in heavy ambient, I was ok with a little but that one flash done low really helped out.

I used the finish line as a marker and general guideline. When I saw a foot or body pass by this position I took a frame. I use this technique in races a lot where I have my triangular zone lighting setup. My flashes are generally out of view, so I use a rock, or stump or whatever I can scrounge as a key to where the exposure will be best.

The second part of the track workout, I wanted to give the new 85 1.8 a spin, to see how it would do in fast moving conditions. Used f2 and underexposed by a stop or so, and then brought down even more in post. I got some images like this one:

the goof

No lights were used in these because I was getting f2 and 1/6400 at iso 100. Radiopoppers would be nice, but alas.

You will be seeing more from this group in the future once the Team gets settled and in town.