Antonio & Michelle: Lone Oak Barn Wedding


No pressure for this wedding, the groom Antonio is also a photographer and he is up for anything. The bride, Michelle, is the little sister of one of our running friends. The expectations are always high of course, but I would be lying if I wasn’t a bit nervous heading into this fall Saturday. Thankfully we had the team from Life Styled Events to keep the day running smooth.

The ceremony at St. Elizabeth of Hungary started the day off with a dual language service. Beautiful stained glass adorned the chapel with vignettes of the other area Catholic Churches, a nice inclusive touch. From the church it was off to one of favorite venues, Lone Oak Barn in Round Rock, where the party really got started.

A few of the brushstrokes from the reception that stood out to me: A fun photobooth, a dad’s toast that veered into Cajun, the groom and his mother dance that left my eyes a little watery, and a couple madly in love. Of course the cowbell to ring for a kiss was the evening’s favorite game to play anytime Antonio and Michelle were more than 5 feet away from each other.

Congratulations to Antonio & Michelle!



















Hannah: Lone Oak Barn Bridal Portraits


We just wrapped up photographing Hannah & Charlie‘s Wedding this weekend, so now we can share her fantastic bridal portraits from Lone Oak Barn. Lone Oak Barn is one of our favorite venues so we had to work hard to show off all of it’s potential. The wind had a mind of it’s own and presented us with 25 mph winds for the duration of the shoot. We started off inside to keep Hannah’s long locks in decent shape before we ventured outside to see what drama we could add with the wind. We ended the session with lensbaby 35 for some crazy light bending in the courtyard at blue hour. We hope you enjoy, and keep watching for their wedding post too, a guitar playing-singing groom?






Hannah & Charlie: Round Rock Fire Station Engagements - Epic Engagement Photos - Austin Wedding photographers

Hannah & Charlie: Round Rock Fire Station Engagements


Super excited to share this firefigher engagement session from Fire Station #7 in Round Rock, Texas with Hannah and Charlie. We got to play with 2 fire engines, fireman clothes and gelled flashes. Felt like a photographer in a candy store, no a kid in a camera store, er, I was excited to be shooting at a real fire station. Everyone was happy to help and to give Charlie only a modicum of grief for the cute photos he and Hannah were taking. Tough crowd. Our goal with this shoot was to be the best fire fighter engagement session on pinterest and I think we are well on the way.

We are also excited because this happy couple will be our first Lone Oak Barn wedding, one of our favorite new venues in Round Rock. Thanks to Hannah and Charlie for being good sports with our photo ideas and thank to them as well for choosing AzulOx Photography.







Haide & Manny: Round Rock Wedding


Excited to finally be sharing Haide & Manny’s wedding with y’all. We have followed this couple around 2 countries (part 1 | part 2 | part 3) now taking their photos and we couldn’t be more excited for the future that they will be sharing. The ceremony was at St. Williams Catholic Church in Round Rock followed by the reception at Pfluger Hall in you guessed it, Pflugerville, my town! The reception had a couple of firsts for me that I thought were interesting.

The first first was getting to listen to Haide sing with the Mariachi band during cocktail hour, the girl can belt it! The second first was a game that I don’t know of but consited of the bridal party trying to tackle the bride and groom off the chairs they were standing on while Manny held onto the veil. It was exciting to watch though and then the groomsmen almost threw Manny into the ceiling. Not a first, but it was also a treat to see all the kids running around having fun with the light toys and blinking sunglasses. Reminded me of going to weddings as a kid in Seguin when the best thing to do was slide across the corn-mealed dance floor like a slip and slide.

So congrats to Haide & Manny, glad we could be there along the way in your life’s journey. Excited to see where the road takes you!















Erika & Diego: Round Rock Wedding


They made their escape in the rain to a distant shore, holding hands and very much in love.

That went through my mind as I saw Diego and Erika leave after a family and friend filled evening. We enjoyed the quirks and details of their wedding day and let me start by talking about the Groom’s Cake. Mario and the Princess! with a bacon topping? get out of here. We took the Mario cake topper and used it in the ring shot as well as the purple linen that ran through the day. I can also appreciate Diego’s sense of style. From the tuxedo t-shirt to the silly socks, it seems like something I would have done for high school cross-country and I approve. We also enjoyed the succulents for the bouquet. Adds to the Texas feel especially for the out of state guests, not to mention the local beers on display that helped add to the Austin Ambiance.

Follow along with their Instagram hashtag #ErikaDiego2013 and make sure to tell the happy couple congratulations in the comments!















Palladino Sisters: Senior Portraits


Not often we photograph a Sister Session and a Senior Session at the same time but Kate and Christa are both graduating this year, Kate from Pflugerville HS (but going to A&M) and Christa from the University of Texas (hook’em!). We bounced around Old Settlers park and discovered a new to me barn with farm implements and a supercool old Chevrolet farm truck. After we used all the daylight we could at Old Settlers we headed into downtown Round Rock where we used some rustic background and broke out our ringflash for the first time in a while. We really had a great time together and their Mom basically had to pull us away from shooting all into the night.


We explored a lot of natural light + reflector settings, which if you follow this blog, we don’t do too much of, but it was the best light available in a few of the places we were so we went with it. With numerous outfit changes we explored a range of facial emotions as well, and really tried to fit the light to the emotion at hand. Really a fun shoot where everything lined up well. I look forward to going through the 400+ photos we took to pick out the super elite because I think there maybe a couple of portfolio winners in the bunch.






Which ones are yalls favorite?

Regan: RR McNeil Senior Portraits

Regan is a Senior at Round Rock McNeil High school with many talents: playing ukulele, tumbling, backflips, harmonica, and apparently quick change artist. We did more outfits in a couple hour session than I wear in a week. Our first location was at the big rock in Zilker Park. This provided us with a nature-y background and an urban background with good views of the sky to boot with out pesky telephone wires. From Zilker we headed to South Congress armed with more outfit changes and a reflector. The natural grace that Regan possesses is best served by broad naturalistic lighting. A slight departure from the normal photos we post but for rational reasons. Walked about South Congress searching for light, background and attitude. Super fun afternoon!

As always, let us know if you have any favorites or questions in the blog.

2012 Senior Portrait Favorites

Haydn and the Austin Skyline

Average. You won’t find any average photos here at AzulOx Photography. Our motto for 2012, go BIG or go home. Our custom senior portrait sessions are getting more and more epic everyday. From Aztec Warrior Princess to Rat Pack Crooner we are showcasing your personalities and talents in a way no other studio can. Yes there is still time to book, photograph and receive your prints for the end of the 2012 school year. But you need to contact us as soon as possible we have very few sessions left.

Take a look at the amazing imagery you will only find at AzulOx Photography. Notice anything different? I thought so. You noticed there are not any “sitting on the train tracks looking dreamy” images because really, who plays with trains? Take one more look at the photographs, now contact us with your ideas.

Bryttne and the Windmill

Cameron Crooning

Rachel & Gus

Wendy, the Azteca Princess

Aubry in the Middle

Heather the Heartbreaker

Wendy – Round Rock High Senior Portraits

Sunny Folklorico

Wendy and I have been planning her Senior Portraits since last year when we photographed her sister Haide’s. Wendy said she is more adventuresome than big sister and was she ever. We traipsed up a rickety staircase with gaping holes while she wore a floor length evening gown and played the violin. Then we went to Lake Pflugerville where she donned her Folklorico dance costumes in front of about 100 people. She danced in and out of the water with the sun setting until she could dance no more. And I just love the photos! Here are a few more.
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