Jonnie & Jim: Peacock River Ranch Wedding


Pink is the new Black. We had pink & black everything for this military wedding at Peacock River Ranch in Gatesville, Texas. My favorite pink is the parasol that Jonnie carried down the aisle instead of a bouquet. The pink contasted so nicely with her father’s Navy Blues as he escorted her to the ceremony, and yes, there was a lot of dust in my eyes thats why they were tearing up. Also if you look closely you can see the rising almost full moon in the background as they come down the pathway.

The pink parasol also played nicely with the yellow sunflower field at Peacock Ranch for our after ceremony bride and groom portraits. Jim has his military ruggedness working for him and Jonnie (btw, how great is Jonnie a name for a gal? love it) sweetly kisses him and shield him from the sun as well. So good. We also caught a break with the sun just going down during the first dance as we caught the last rays of the day on Jonnie as she rest her arms around Jim’s shoulders during their dance together.

Take a look at our selection of favorites from the evening, and let us know which is your favorite!


















Nicole: Lake Travis Senior Portraits: Armed & Elevated

Camouflage & Pink

Nicole is our favorite type of client. We have worked with her in the past on family portraits. She knows exactly what she wants and plans accordingly. She loves, loves, loves being in front of the camera and she is cute as a button. Part of what Nicole wanted is to show off different parts of her personality. She is a bow hunter. She has bright pink nails and a matching camouflage and pink compound bow. And she almost has as much energy as I do, almost, which will be a great benefit to the world when she finishes up her nursing degree in 4 years. Spunky, energetic nurses are the best kind.

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