Megan & Shepherd: Wedding


Looks and Love. Megan and Shepherd are a couple who Look at each other and you can feel the Love they have to each other, how no matter the storms surrounding them they are their own island of happiness together.

The wedding itself took place at Vintage Villas in Austin, Texas on a day that was tempting to become a storm but like their love for each the storm clouds receded and the weather and day turned magnificent. Music and Dance filled the day from the harpist to the mano a mano dance off’s in this crowd of professional dancers. The music played and their bodies told the stories of the songs. Was something like photographing an music video with all the pops and locks the cool kids were doing. Shepherd even surprised his new bride with a musical serenade, that took courage!

Lots of fun touches on the night but my favorite was the sugar rush of a candy buffet they had during the reception. We felt that was a fun place to take a photograph of the wedding bands against the candied backdrop.

We even ended the night with one of our sparkler lit scenes seen in the photo above. And yes we did this in one shot. Mainly because that is all the sparklers we had left.

Congratulations to Shepherd and Megan, may all of your days be filled with Dancing, Music, Love and the Looks you give each other.

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Emily & Nathaniel: Star Hill Ranch

Streamer Exit

What a fantastic wedding to have the privilege of covering on a crisp October day at the beautiful Star Hill Ranch venue with two people clearly in love with each other. Emily & Nathaniel lit up the room when they look at each and smiles, hugs and kisses were shared throughout the evening. The details and small touches were enough to write an entire post about in themselves because they were done well and because they came from the heart. The whole procession was a joy to photography. So many fun aspects to highlight! From the 1970 VW Bug, named Doug, as the getaway car to the plethora of sunflowers. The pumpkins and fall leaves provided a great backdrop for an image with the wedding bands. The mariachi band was a surprise and a hit with all the out-of-towners, welcome to Texas! A few other firsts for us to cover at a wedding: Gangnam Style played at the reception, and the garter wrapped around a disc golf putter for the garter toss.

Follow along as we tell the story visually
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CG Arena: Commercial Photography

David on the Spin Bike

We have been working with CG Arena Group Fitness over the summer to upgrade and expand their imagery for marketing and advertising. Our second phase is in capturing their trainers with the same style of lighting and action that we covered in our first session. CG Arena’s color palette plays strongly on red which you will see in the highlights and edges of many of the following photographs. These will be used in place of normal staff headshots, yeah for forward thinking management team!, and allowed us to capture the trainers showing off what they can do. As a group they are a bit like the X-Men because each of them has a special talent to put on display.

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Wedding Shoot for Blushing Veil at Dunvegan Keep – Sneaks! – Austin, Texas

It's all about the 5 inch red heels

Just finished loading up the 700 or so shots from today’s photoshoot put together by Ms. Kristie from Blushing Veil Events staged at Dunvegan keep and a few downtown. My co-shooter today was Mr. James Griffith.

We had a great cast of talented models, willing volunteers, almost co-operative weather, fashionable stylists, wonderful hair and makeup, and a super cool venue.

Makeup Artists today included
Lana Johnson-Peter from 987 Beauty
Lori Green from Lovely Looks by Lori
Kaylin Johnson from KaylinJohnson Makeup Artist

Flower from my boys at Flower Child Design for their always impeccable work

On with the photos!
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Erika and Arnold – Wedding Sneak Peaks – Domain Westin, Austin, Texas

Erika and Arnold tied the knot this past Sunday at the Westin in the Domain. Lovely and intimate day with friends and family from all over the globe. The Westin staff, especially Mona Lisa, were wonderfully accommodating to the photographer who wanted to use their lobby for some pictures. The surprise of the day was the mariachi band rolling in after the toasts. If that wasn’t enough, one of the brides sisters belted a few tunes out with panache with the band backing her up.

Here are the sneak peaks while our elves work feverishly to finish the entire set.

On your Wedding Day...

Down the aisle

Down the aisle, married this time!

Love.... in a minty flavor

Looking forward to the future

Carla, the singer, 7 months pregnant and rocking it!

Noel and Denise Wedding Photos – Seguin, Texas – Weinert House

First up, let me say that Noel and Denise have been an absolute pleasure to work with. They have communicated their ideas and thoughts to me, and I strived to fulfill their vision.

Second, their wedding was a blast!

Third, Mike at the Weinert House and Colinda from Bloomer’s had the venue in great condition with lots of nice touches that allowed the night to move in rhythm.

Lastly, I will stop my rambling and show you the highlight pictures of the evening.

Weinert House Wedding Venue

Noel and his Groomsmen

Denise, moments before she heads to the ceremony

Flower Details from Bloomers

Just look at the love in her eyes!


Ballet Folklorico Dancers

First Dance, the slow part

First Dance, the Michael Jackson part

Formals at the beautiful Weinert House

One from the Silly Booth

If you want to see all the photos – check out their custom gallery
And I will throw another link up to their save the date video we did together this summer.

Thanks to Andrew Fritz for another successful wedding team up

Noel and Denise, we wish you all the best from the bottom of our hearts!

Seeing the Shot

Terrible Drawing of What I saw the day before

I don’t know what you are thinking, but I can guess it’s not, “This guy should be in art school!”.

My line drawing form is out of practice, but the point of my scribbles is that I drew this on printer paper the day before I went on to shoot this:

Katha plays music anywhere

This is my favorite shot of the day, and it is one of three images that I knew I wanted before I left my house.

For those of you just starting out, or wondering how good or great images are produced, I think the notion of pre-visualization can be a deciding factor.

The second factor is the guts and determination to not leave the set until you get what you wanted.

In my younger, more dreamy years, I thought the idea of a photographer was to be on-the-spot, in-the-moment, take what you can get. And while I still believe that concept has its place, I realize now that the decision of which spot, in what moments and how to take what you can is just as crucial to the overall impact.

The photographers role is decisions, decisions, decisions. Just don’t wait until you get to the set to begin making yours.

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Horse Portraits – Barn Mini-Sessions


Coming soon to a stable near you!

This Spring I will be doing Horse Portrait Mini-Sessions at some local stables. Ramaker Stables for sure and Rolling Ridge because I have some fans out there too. Are there any blog readers that ride at a different barn/stable that would like AzulOx Mini-Sessions to appear?

Oh, time to answer what exactly a mini-session is.

* 75$ to book your 20 minute time slot (versus 250 for the hour)
* Online Gallery for viewing and print orders
* Facebook Favorites – facebook friendly sizes to share with your network.

Dates and Time slots will be announced soon. Sunday afternoon’s are the preferred time/date combo.

Ok, Mr AzulOx, words are nice, but lets see some pictures!
done and done.

Steph and Grace

Chelsey and Bentley

Emily’s Bridal – San Antonio Bridal Photos

Emily at Woodlawn Park

Emily’s Bridal Portraits went awesome Sunday’s in San Antonio. I was assisted by my longest-time friend, Russ. Emily brought along Kate.

First off, the sky was beautiful, some wispy clouds, but otherwise blue. The wind continued my streak of Lubbock-like breeze patterns, hard and often. Undaunted, we set off on to the Deco District in San Antonio near Woodlawn Park. We roamed up and down the streets utilizing the funky architecture to fit Emily’s personality and wedding style.

Second, Emily is fantastic to work with. She claims to be shy, but I never saw that. Continuing another streak, she learned her model moves from America’s Next Top Model. That is a streak of 4 clients in a row for me, I had to confess again to watching it for the photography/modeling as well. Doesn’t help with the man card, but it helps with the photo card.

Em has a neo-funky dress which fit her awesomely, can’t show the dress yet, don’t want the groom peaking too much. Some traditions still hold and this is one I like.

Our favorite background is the one that Russ is modeling here.

Monroe Wall with Russ the Model

We went with an Orbis Ring Flash as the single light here. When Emily was in the frame, we used a white sheet as a scrim to block the sunlight and bring the ambient down some so that we could carry an aperture and get that ringflash look. If this makes no sense, head over to .

Once the wedding happens in May, I will give it the full blog treatment with lots of pretty pictures!

— JB

Georgetown Seniors – Chelsey H – Part Two

Chelsey and I met up again at Ramaker Stables in Leader, Texas. We had about an hour to knock out some different looks and get a 17 hand horse named Bentley involved. No problem.

We started in the Small Barn, not as new as the Big Barn, but more colorful and possessing more character. I was thinking something along the lines of images out of Dover Saddlery, but prettier.

Tried working with some backlit/Ezybox combo’s, but they weren’t working for me. Ended up with an over/under lighting scheme to bring some beauty and contrast to Chelsey.

Over Under Contrast

This image has a Lastolie 24 inch Ezybox (my favorite) on top, with a big reversible umbrella on the bottom, both are off to one side slightly.

Remember in part one, when I said there were no clouds. That changed for the better.

The barn was fun, but then the sky did me a favor and went wild with clouds and color. Let’s ditch inside the barn and go crazy with the sky’s.

Fun with Skies

What is more fun that a senior and great skies? A senior, her horse and great skies!

Bentley and Chelsey

Thanks again to Chelsey for being a wonderful model.

See all of the images here


Georgetown Seniors – Chelsey H – Part One

Chelsey in the Wind

Started working with Chelsey after I talked to her from the Sunsets and Horses photos from last week. Said she might be interested in some Senior Portraits. I said, “Let’s do it!”

We started at Cianfrani’s in the square at Georgetown, my favorite coffee shop. Met up with Chelsey and her mother and went over the plan I had set out for us. Our plan was to use the niche’s and vignettes that make the Georgetown square one of my favorite shooting area’s. Thanks to my buddy Geoff Hammond to turning me onto a couple of them.

First, we hit up a doorway on the backside of the square to show off the angles and lines of Chelsey’s 6’2” frame. I used my orbis ringflash on these to give it a high fashion look. Had to make sure the the first location was in the shade because the sun was out with no clouds, although that would change later, because the Orbis eats up a lot of power from my 430’s.

Chelsey in the Doorway

Our second location was at the Rough and Ready Antique Store, a great location for vignettes. The sunlight was hard still with no clouds and about 12:45 in the day. I found a non-wet chair with good color and told Chelsey to “get slinky”. this location produced 2 of my favorites from the day.

Chelsey in the Movies

Movie Star

The 2 images above seem like they could be from a 1970’s movie set, one starring Farrah Fawcett, or maybe Barbarella.

Then off to the classic alley way in between Rough and Ready Antiques and The Framer’s Gallery. I have used the back drop before. Still love it.

Backlit Chelsey

From there, we moved around the corner to a little white table and chair, with the Antique Sign in the background. The last 3 locations are within 30 feet of each other, but each gives such a different vibe. Thanks again to the local merchants of Georgetown fro keeping your stores awesome. Almost Mediterranean in feel, Chelsey is rocking the casual look in these.

At the Cafe

And it wouldn’t be a good blog post with out some bodily injury to me, the photographer. We were setting up right on the corner of 7th and Main, watching the cops roll by, when my forehead fell in love with a dowel rod on a lamp post. 3 days later, and I still have a bump, bruise and scab…. Love hurts.

I knew this would be a good location because it really says Georgetown to me, well, not just me, the sign in the back actually reads, “Discover Georgetown”. Figured it would be a good graphic element to work with, and I ran with it as my adrenaline was coursing due to head trauma.

Discover Georgetown

The last location at Georgetown is my wife’s favorite, I like it too. My buddy David helped us out here, the wind blew him to our corner of the street and I used the gift.
He is holding the 24 inch Ezybox while Chelsey get her posin’ on.

Rock Wall, Red Head

We finished up at the Square in a robust 90 minutes of shooting, full of antiques, vignettes, green tea, and battle wounds.

The gallery of Georgetown images is here.

In Part Two we travel to Ramaker Stables

— JB

We are podcastin’ now!

Geoff “Ham” Hammond and I are now podcasting a 2x monthly show about photography in Austin. Our first episode is up at In it, we talk about Cedar Allergies, When is the right time to hire a pro photographer?, and the World’s Greatest Dad T-shirts.

I would tell you more, but then you wouldn’t listen, so give it a spin and let me know what you think.

We are still figuring out all the niceties of producing a podcast, so if you have any experience in it, let us know in the comments.

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