Abby & James: Wedding at Boulder Springs, New Braunfels


Abby & James were married at Boulder Springs outside New Braunfels, Texas. The heat of the day didn’t slow down the dancing, the fun or the merriment. A detail filled reception hall was put together with a rustic antler motif, there was even a salsa bar! There were just a ton of little touches that reflected the couples decisions and commitment to each other. And then the father-daughter and mother-son dances happened and the flood gates of tears opened up. Just a touching evening all around.

























Jason & Emily: Austin Engagement Session


Our engagement session with Jason & Emily had a bit of everything: Austin Landmarks, Tears (mine), Laughter (theirs), Sweetness, Silliness, Airplane Enagement Sign (not theirs), and a sweet sunset over Downtown Austin. Let me back up a bit to put everything into context.

First the Landmark, Emily said on the phone while planning the session that her and Jason are both Austin transplants so they wanted to have their session be almost as tourists. To do the cheesy “Welcome to Austin” Sign, get some skyline shots and then be up for whatever. I have to admit that at first I was apprehensive about the Welcome to Austin sign. “It’s been done before!” shouted one side of my brain. “Do It Better” shouted the other side of my brain in the voice of my wife. So I embraced the “Do It Better” side of the brain, yes my wife always wins, and set out to make the best “Welcome to Austin” sign photos. Ever.

Quick tip for shooting landmarks bigger than people, pull the couple away from the sign. Give the couple room to breathe and let distance be your friend in conveying scale. (For those Strobist fans out there, giving distance allows you to light in 2 different planes.

Second, my tears. While shooting with my fancy new fangled digital cameras I pulled out my just-restored-last-week 70’s era Rolleiflex belonging to my late Father in Law. The leather strap gave up hope and the vintage camera went plummeting to the asphalt post-haste. I was stunned and a bit shocked. I am still not sure if everything is functioning and another trip to Precision will be required. The shutter mechanism was stopped up at first but we fired a few shots off and everything seemed to be working; fingers crossed.
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Erika and Arnold – Wedding Sneak Peaks – Domain Westin, Austin, Texas

Erika and Arnold tied the knot this past Sunday at the Westin in the Domain. Lovely and intimate day with friends and family from all over the globe. The Westin staff, especially Mona Lisa, were wonderfully accommodating to the photographer who wanted to use their lobby for some pictures. The surprise of the day was the mariachi band rolling in after the toasts. If that wasn’t enough, one of the brides sisters belted a few tunes out with panache with the band backing her up.

Here are the sneak peaks while our elves work feverishly to finish the entire set.

On your Wedding Day...

Down the aisle

Down the aisle, married this time!

Love.... in a minty flavor

Looking forward to the future

Carla, the singer, 7 months pregnant and rocking it!