Katrina: Liberty Hill Senior Portraits

Katrina2-18 Senior Portraits

Katrina is gracing the blog today with her horse farm Senior Portrait Experience from South Wind Equestrian Center. We enjoyed Katrina’s can do attitude as she rode a horse bareback and then cantered the horse for a set of photos, a lot of “Whoas” at the end to get the horse to stop. This attitude will serve the soon to be Liberty Hill graduate in Lubbock as she enters Texas Tech University in the fall. The day of our shoot was hot and muggy as the high pressure front of Texas Storm threatened, but Katrina kept her cool as we swapped out 5 outfits in just a couple of hours.

Guns Up Katrina! And thanks for having us out for your Senior Portrait Experience.
Katrina2-10 Senior Portraits

Katrina Senior Portraits - 062

Katrina2-22 Senior Portraits

Katrina2-37 Senior Portraits

Katrina2-39 Senior Portraits

2013 Official Lysts on the Lake Photo Package


We will be covering all of the Jousting Groups plus the Chivalric Equitation obstacle course and Melee a’Cheval. We will also be available for stylized portrait sessions on Thursday and Friday.

Portrait Availability (Will be Updated):
Thursday: 9:00 – 9:30
Thursday: 12:00 – 12:30
Thursday: 12:30 – 1:00
Thursday: 1:00 – 1:30

Friday: 9:00 – 9:30
Friday: 12:00 – 12:30
Friday: 12:30 – 1:00
Friday: 1:00 – 1:30
Friday: 6:00 – 6:30
Friday: 6:30 – 7:00

$150 – Unlimited Digital Downloads from our 2013 Lysts Galleries
$200 – Unlimited Digital Downloads + 30 Minute Portrait Session

Use the PayPal button below to make your choice. First come, first serve on the scheduling of the Portrait Sessions.

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For reference, here are our last 2 Lysts on the Lake Galleries:
2011 Lysts on the Lake Photos
2012 Lysts on the Lake Photos

Joe & Misti: Engagements at Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza


Special locations add another dimension to environmental portrait photography. Joe & Misti decided on using the picturesque area around the horse farm that they volunteer at on weekends near Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza and the Jester King Brewery. We could feel the excitement that Joe & Misti felt for this place that is close to their hearts and that shows through in the photographs. The positive feedback of a sense of place combined with the way Joe looks at Misti’s eye made for a memorable engagement session. And now we want to go back and taste the pizza at Stanley’s!

Our horse model for the day was a nice blue-eyed paint that had never seen green grass before in it’s entire life (sarcasm intended). Everytime we got the shot framed, and the light just right down went the horses head for bite of delicious grass. We all laughed, got the photographs that we could and then moved on the scenic barn and little touches that Stanley’s has to offer. I loved the blue sunflower gate and the way the setting sun was streaming through. The Airstream your see in the background is not just decoration but also the restrooms for the clientele. The rustic hill country vibe suited this couple so much, it is hard to believe they are getting married on the black sand beaches of Hawaii. Yes I asked, no they won’t take me with them!

Thanks to Misti & Joe for sharing their special place with us!






Falon: Liberty Hill HS Senior Portraits {Fire and Horses}

Go big or go home. We try to photograph by the motto when possible. Between our underwater photography, renting airplanes for landscapes or bringing more lights than the sun to session we go big. Falon wanted big. Her dad built a huge bonfire for us to use as a backdrop. Falon brought her black mare, Belle, to ride bareback. We brought the lights and attitude. Belle brought the occassional perky ears. Just a fun senior session all around. Falon’s parents were making faces at her while she was trying to act tough in front of the flames. Three dogs were vying for our attention in the downtime as we setup the lights. And the weather was just a perfect fall November day in Central Texas.

Which of these is your favorite? How can we go big for your portraits?!

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Kaush & Megha – Kolkata, India Wedding – Part 3

Rose Petal Canon at the exchanging of garlands

As loyal blog followers know, we traveled to Kolkata (Calcutta) India in February to photograph a friend’s wedding. It was quite the whirlwind you might expect as we packed sightseeing, culture shock and a 3 day wedding ceremony into a 4.5 day trip. I have had many requests for these photos and I wanted to share more believe me, but I had to wait until Megha, the bride, arrived stateside out of wishes from the groom. Patience is a good thing though, because now you get to see a wedding unlike one we are accustomed to in the States.

Thanks again to Kaush for inviting me on this cultural journey!

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Lysts on the Lake – Wrap-up

Lysts on the Lake was a huge photographic success. We worked some long hours to bring you all the action from Thursday through Sunday. Remember to check the Facebook page for up to the minute updates. From early morning jousting lessons of an astronaut to late night dinners, with wooden tip blasting, dagger fighting, and a fun band that kept the beat to the action.

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Maribel’s Senior Sneaks – Austin, Texas

Maribel at Sunset

The post could have been titled, “Maribel Takes over Downtown!”

Maribel contacted me about doing a Top Model type shoot downtown for half of her Senior photos, sounded great. I had no idea that she would bring such a commanding presence in front of the lens. Just rocking it all around. We caught more than a couple of people staring as they drove by, good thing she didn’t cause any accidents!
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Georgetown Seniors – Chelsey H – Part Two

Chelsey and I met up again at Ramaker Stables in Leader, Texas. We had about an hour to knock out some different looks and get a 17 hand horse named Bentley involved. No problem.

We started in the Small Barn, not as new as the Big Barn, but more colorful and possessing more character. I was thinking something along the lines of images out of Dover Saddlery, but prettier.

Tried working with some backlit/Ezybox combo’s, but they weren’t working for me. Ended up with an over/under lighting scheme to bring some beauty and contrast to Chelsey.

Over Under Contrast

This image has a Lastolie 24 inch Ezybox (my favorite) on top, with a big reversible umbrella on the bottom, both are off to one side slightly.

Remember in part one, when I said there were no clouds. That changed for the better.

The barn was fun, but then the sky did me a favor and went wild with clouds and color. Let’s ditch inside the barn and go crazy with the sky’s.

Fun with Skies

What is more fun that a senior and great skies? A senior, her horse and great skies!

Bentley and Chelsey

Thanks again to Chelsey for being a wonderful model.

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Horses and Sunsets

Sunset and Horses

Thursday Night I headed out to Ramaker Stables to watch my wife ride her new horse Gus. That and I had some ideas of things I wanted to try with lights.
Basically, I wanted to treat the Horses like I usually light my Human Athletes. Give them edge and contrast, while bringing out the ambient exposure if its good.
These images are pretty much how they looked on the back of the LCD. For the Black horses, I added some fill. The White horse, toned down the bright whites just a bit.

Sunset and Horses

The three light are setup in a basic triangle, two behind the horses and one in front around the arena. This gave me different shooting slots to get new angles without having to reset the lights. I have found this to be good way of shooting sports action when you know the general location the athlete will move through. In this case a 20 foot square.

Sunset and Horses

Honestly, I didn’t plan on having a spectacular sunset backdrop, but I was prepared in case one happened. I had maybe 8 minutes of this light to work with. The rest of the night, the background/ambient was not so pretty.

Another example to always bring your camera, and in this case, your lights too.

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