Jacob & Katie: Westridge Stables Spicewood Springs Engagement


We met Jacob and Katie through Jacob’s company Lone Star Wake Rentals. Jacob takes people out on the Austin area lakes to have a good time. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a better job fit. About half way through their engagement session I looked at Katie and said “I assume Jacob was always the class clown?” The answer was a resounding “yes!”

Needless to say, Katie and Jacob’s engagement session at Westridge Stables was a lot of fun. The property is huge and we spent the afternoon roaming around it looking for photos. We even made some creative use of our Polaris transport under the milky way..







Kaitlyn: Liberty Hill Senior Portraits, Part 2

Kaitlyn Liberty Hill Senior Portraits - 004

Part 2 of Kaitlyn’s senior portraits was a few weeks in arriving, weather and all being a question. Kaitlyn has been riding horses her whole life so we were thrilled that we could bring that aspect of her life into her senior portraits. Of course we took pretty shots (queue the bluebonnets and sunset), but we also wanted to highlight the more exciting aspects of riding a thoroughbred horse. What better way to do that than to add a little rain to the mix (and never mind the fact that her horse is named Rain too).

This time we took the photo’s at her mother’s riding school, Conner Combined Training in Liberty Hill. Adrian with Revelry Beauty was there once again adding the finishing touches to Kaitlyn’s hair and makeup.

Exciting, yes? We think so.

Kaitlyn Liberty Hill Senior Portraits - 003







Andrea & GoGo – Horse Portraits at Star T Ranch

Andrea and Gogo go smooches

Andrea and her eventing horse GoGo, otherwise known as MARE (yes, all capitals), are the subject of today’s blog post. We met up at her barn, Star T Ranch, for a planned photoshoot at a nearby park. And then it rained, and rained, lightened up for a bit, and then rained some more. We saw kids show up for lessons, wait around a bit, and then head back home. The barn manager put on a slicker straight out of the movie Tombstone to keep off the elements. Andrea, GoGo and I? we made photographs.

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Horse and Rider Portraits – April 25th – Ramaker Stables

Horse and Rider Flyer

The long awaited, oft asked about, Horse and Rider Portrait Mini-Session will be returning to Ramaker Stables on Sunday, April 25th from 4:30 pm to 8pm. We will be offering 30 minute sessions for 75 dollars. The first session starts at 4:30pm and continues in 30 minute increments through the 7:30pm session. Sunset is expected to be around 8:07 on the 25th.

Your 75 dollars reserves your time slot, gets you an 8×10(or12) print of your favorite photo on Josh’s Special Metallic Print, and 5 Facebook Favorites to share with your friends and family. There will also be an online gallery of all of your shots to order more prints or custom items.

Horse and Rider 2009

These sessions are a quick, affordable way to get great images of you and your pony! Think of all the hours you spend together. Let us capture the relationship of you and your pony to make your memories stronger with great images.

Portraits will be of the horse and the rider in one location. The mini-session timing does not allow for location switching during the session.

It is advised to have your horse and self groomed, ready to go by the start time of your session to keep this event on schedule.

Confirm your attendance on our Facebook page here

Questions can be directed to Josh at josh@azulox.com

Horse Portraits – Barn Mini-Sessions


Coming soon to a stable near you!

This Spring I will be doing Horse Portrait Mini-Sessions at some local stables. Ramaker Stables for sure and Rolling Ridge because I have some fans out there too. Are there any blog readers that ride at a different barn/stable that would like AzulOx Mini-Sessions to appear?

Oh, time to answer what exactly a mini-session is.

* 75$ to book your 20 minute time slot (versus 250 for the hour)
* Online Gallery for viewing and print orders
* Facebook Favorites – facebook friendly sizes to share with your network.

Dates and Time slots will be announced soon. Sunday afternoon’s are the preferred time/date combo.

Ok, Mr AzulOx, words are nice, but lets see some pictures!
done and done.

Steph and Grace

Chelsey and Bentley