Happy Thanksgiving from Kona

7 Turtles a-leapping

Hello from Kona, Hawaii where we are covering the start of the Ultraman World Championships. The shots are taken from the grounds of the awesome host hotel, The Outrigger, and are meant to convey a warm holiday spirit.

We have plenty to be thankful of here at AzulOx Photography. We could not do what we love to do day by day without our friends, family, loved ones and our amazing clients that allow us to follow our dreams.

Thank you one and all from the bottom of our hearts.

Now enjoy some scenic eye candy.

Sunset on Keauhou Bay

Stalwart against the Storms

Robert Hillery – Ultraman, Marine

Raise your hand if you have ever wanted to run a marathon? Large group of you I am sure.
How about a double marathon? Smaller group, but I know of a lot of you who race 50 and 100 milers.
Keep your hand up if you want to run a double marathon at the end of a three day race featuring 6.2 miles of swimming, 261 miles of biking, and 52.4 miles of running? Not too many of you left, less than 500 people in the world have completed such a race.

Now add a large 20 lb. American flag to the run portion to honor your fellow Marines by raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project. The only person left raising his hand to do that adventrure? Meet Robert Hillery. Ironman, Ultraman, Marine, American Hero.

These are the photos of Robert during the run portion of the course to demonstrate the courage and conditions:

Start of Day One

Few miles into the Run

About the 10K mark of the run

Through the first Marathon

Burst of Emotion at the Finish Line!

Getting Hugs from his crew while mother Mary Ann looks on

Speaking to the crowd after the Race at the Awards Dinner

Team Pain Junkies

I am left in shock and wonder at the spirit, courage and determination of Robert and all of the Ultraman Participants.


Scenic Hawaii – Photo Roundup

Home now, and in front of my normal editing station. Going through 3000 or so images that I took during the Hawaii Ultraman assignment, and made sure to pull some good sunset shots and others that show off the varied beauty of the Big Island. I will do another post on women’s winner Amber Monforte in the next few days, she set a World Record of 1 hour and 40 minutes off a 20 year old record. For now, lets look at the pretty pictures of coastlines, Kohala Pass, and sunsets.

First Morning in Kona, got lost, but found this

Across from Lava Java

Sunset from the Hertz rent car parking lot.

Rain on my vacation Parade

Kayak Colors

Palm Trees and the Sky

Gary Wang and his stand up paddler guide

Green Hills in the Lava Field

Road to the Double Rainbow at Volcano National Park

Cows in Paradise. Up at the Kohala Pass

Sunrise from the Hotel Window

— JB

Nino Cokan and Crew – Ultraman

Met Nino at Lava Java in the morning along with many other competitors, got a chance to catch up with him again and his crew at the bike clinic on Tuesday evening.

Nino Cokan at the Bike Clinic

Nino's Crew - Kerri

Nino's Crew - Tina

Kona – Day One-ish – Travel

It’s Day One although we technically got to the island the night before. Day it is then. Woke up way early, excited to get some sunrise shots on a day when I could. They need more processing than I have time for right now. But I will throw up some teasers.

Breakfast at Lava Java, errands during the day, phone call with the wifey, and now off to the Bike Clinic.

A couple of images to chew on:

About 20 minutes after waking up, and first shot of the day

Palm Trees at Sunrise

Allii Road and the Ocean Wall

Lava Java, the meetup place for Ultraman Crew and Competitors

Competitors Jason Sissel and Slater Fletcher

To learn more about these individuals, visit the Ultraman Website