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Sarah & Cliff: Bentwood Texas Wedding in Georgetown


Clanging tin cans, barefoot bride, confetti exit, fuzzy KEDS. Sarah & Cliff’s Bentwood wedding in Georgetown, Texas provided all of those and more love and hugs than you might think possible. The bride’s father almost made it through his speech without breaking down, almost. The guests rang the kissing cans anytime Sarah & Cliff were more than 15 feet apart. And we made good use of the flowing San Gabriel River and the old pickup in front of the venue for our hero images.

Congratulations to Sarah & Cliff as they journey to Philadelphia for a few years for Cliff’s residency.

Lead Photographer: Marina C.
Lead Videographer: Josh S.
Double Duty Assistant: Josh B.















Michelle & Todd: Union on Eighth Wedding in Georgetown

Union on 8th Wedding -2

What a way to close out 2014! I know it seems like we posted only the pictures of Michelle and Todd smiling, happy and looking lovingly at each other, but all 2000 photos are like this! As always we believe that weddings are a day of firsts, first kiss, first look, first night as a married couple. Here are some of the firsts we observed at this last wedding of 2014.

First reception we have seen where an octogenarian led the dance floor. I believe she is 83 and she had more fun than just about anyone. I hope to dance with that much enthusiasm when I am 38 in two years! This was also the first wedding where Andrew tested out his tintype process. There will be more advancements in this process as it grows and changes materials but we think it’s a cool analog memento of the wedding day. The other big first was this was our first time photographing at the super cool Union on 8th wedding venue. I remember seeing the building as a mechanic’s garage 4 years ago on a photowalk and thinking it would be an interesting place to photograph, now with the renovations and the conversion to an event venue, wow, a newly refurbished place with an old vibe. Love it.

As always thanks to 11:11 Events for planning and coordinating, you make our days easy.

Big group hug to Michelle & Todd on their nuptials. We loved being there to document your wedding day (and your awesome engagements) and we love the way yall laugh with each other. Keep on laughing

Union on 8th Wedding -4

Union on 8th Wedding -6

Union on 8th Wedding -13

Union on 8th Wedding -15

Union on 8th Wedding -17

Union on 8th Wedding -18

Union on 8th Wedding -21

Union on 8th Wedding -23

Union on 8th Wedding -24

Union on 8th Wedding -25

Union on 8th Wedding -27

Union on 8th Wedding -30

Union on 8th Wedding -39

Union on 8th Wedding -43

Union on 8th Wedding -46

Union on 8th Wedding -47

Union on 8th Wedding -48

Union on 8th Wedding -49

Union on 8th Wedding

2012 Senior Portrait Favorites

Haydn and the Austin Skyline

Average. You won’t find any average photos here at AzulOx Photography. Our motto for 2012, go BIG or go home. Our custom senior portrait sessions are getting more and more epic everyday. From Aztec Warrior Princess to Rat Pack Crooner we are showcasing your personalities and talents in a way no other studio can. Yes there is still time to book, photograph and receive your prints for the end of the 2012 school year. But you need to contact us as soon as possible we have very few sessions left.

Take a look at the amazing imagery you will only find at AzulOx Photography. Notice anything different? I thought so. You noticed there are not any “sitting on the train tracks looking dreamy” images because really, who plays with trains? Take one more look at the photographs, now contact us with your ideas.

Bryttne and the Windmill

Cameron Crooning

Rachel & Gus

Wendy, the Azteca Princess

Aubry in the Middle

Heather the Heartbreaker

Katie & Sean – Wedding Preview

The happy couple at the atrium

Katie & Sean became the Jackson family on Friday and we had the privilege of covering their beautiful wedding at Angel Springs Event Center in Georgetown. You might remember their Engagements from the blog , but if you don’t here is a quick refresher. Sean is active duty Army in the Air Artillery. I believe his words were, “I shoot 8 to 9 foot missiles”. That was enough to impress me. In a month’s time he is shipping off to Kuwait for a year. How is that for a honeymoon period? I can never stress enough how thankful I am for the sacrifices made by our military.
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Chelsey’s Senior Photo Sneaks – Georgetown HS – Walburg, TX

Chelsey and Bentley

Chelsey is a Senior at Georgetown HS and we have collaborated on 5 or 6 photo shoots in the past. Her mother contacted me as it was time to get the Senior pictures done. We headed up to Walburg, TX where her pony Bentley is stabled for now. Chelsey was much more prepared to be in front of the camera than her horse, who was being a bit of a diva. None the less, we used the dramatic sky and a couple of strobes to bring out the best in him. Click Continue Reading to see the rest of the Sneak Peak photos

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Bohemia Lypse Day Two/Behind the Scenes

The day two blog certainly didn’t come as quickly as the day one blog. What I lack in timeliness I will make up for in pictures.

A quick recap of what I learned/discussed on day two of my first Mini’Lypse.

– Makeup Artists are awesome. As a rule, they start drinking before anyone else.
– If you bring 10 photographers, 20 dancers, 3 makeup artists and many helpers into Small Town Texas, people will drive by real slow. Several Times.
– Aerialists tie good knots.
– Chimping is contagious
– Rat traps are sticky and gross
– Ballet is awesome to photograph, as is Irish Dance and Tap Dance
– The AlienBee Vagabond is both fitting for a Bohemia’lypse and life saving. (Thanks Mark!)

Onto the photos of the behind the scene action from both days.

Bohemia'Lypse Behind'Scenes
John Mootz, Light Tester Extraordinaire

Bohemia'Lypse Behind'Scenes
Josh Banks, Second Station Setup Shot.

Bohemia'Lypse Behind'Scenes
John gets Dana and Becca in place for his shots on our third set, first day

Bohemia'Lypse Behind'Scenes
Stefan, Testing the Lights for our first setup on Saturday Afternoon

Bohemia'Lypse Behind'Scenes
Steve, Fun with the Ring Flash.

Bohemia'Lypse Behind'Scenes
Patty, Ring Flashed

Bohemia'Lypse Behind'Scenes
Lori, Ring Flashed tambien

Bohemia'Lypse Behind'Scenes
Angela, Flashed and Sparkly

Bohemia'Lypse Behind'Scenes
Pam, Light Testing on Day Two, set one

Bohemia'Lypse Behind'Scenes
Lori, On the Afternoon Set, probably cursing a Skyport

Bohemia'Lypse Behind'Scenes
Pam, Impossibly smiling, even though a skyport is attached to her camera

Bohemia'Lypse Behind'Scenes
Steve, Chimping

Bohemia'Lypse Behind'Scenes
Tavia, Flashed with an Orbis, Flower in her Hair

Bohemia'Lypse Behind'Scenes
Geoff, Showing Off (his images I think)

Bohemia'Lypse Behind'Scenes
Aimee, on the 25000 pound table

Bohemia'Lypse Behind'Scenes


Georgetown Seniors – Chelsey H – Part One

Chelsey in the Wind

Started working with Chelsey after I talked to her from the Sunsets and Horses photos from last week. Said she might be interested in some Senior Portraits. I said, “Let’s do it!”

We started at Cianfrani’s in the square at Georgetown, my favorite coffee shop. Met up with Chelsey and her mother and went over the plan I had set out for us. Our plan was to use the niche’s and vignettes that make the Georgetown square one of my favorite shooting area’s. Thanks to my buddy Geoff Hammond to turning me onto a couple of them.

First, we hit up a doorway on the backside of the square to show off the angles and lines of Chelsey’s 6’2” frame. I used my orbis ringflash on these to give it a high fashion look. Had to make sure the the first location was in the shade because the sun was out with no clouds, although that would change later, because the Orbis eats up a lot of power from my 430’s.

Chelsey in the Doorway

Our second location was at the Rough and Ready Antique Store, a great location for vignettes. The sunlight was hard still with no clouds and about 12:45 in the day. I found a non-wet chair with good color and told Chelsey to “get slinky”. this location produced 2 of my favorites from the day.

Chelsey in the Movies

Movie Star

The 2 images above seem like they could be from a 1970’s movie set, one starring Farrah Fawcett, or maybe Barbarella.

Then off to the classic alley way in between Rough and Ready Antiques and The Framer’s Gallery. I have used the back drop before. Still love it.

Backlit Chelsey

From there, we moved around the corner to a little white table and chair, with the Antique Sign in the background. The last 3 locations are within 30 feet of each other, but each gives such a different vibe. Thanks again to the local merchants of Georgetown fro keeping your stores awesome. Almost Mediterranean in feel, Chelsey is rocking the casual look in these.

At the Cafe

And it wouldn’t be a good blog post with out some bodily injury to me, the photographer. We were setting up right on the corner of 7th and Main, watching the cops roll by, when my forehead fell in love with a dowel rod on a lamp post. 3 days later, and I still have a bump, bruise and scab…. Love hurts.

I knew this would be a good location because it really says Georgetown to me, well, not just me, the sign in the back actually reads, “Discover Georgetown”. Figured it would be a good graphic element to work with, and I ran with it as my adrenaline was coursing due to head trauma.

Discover Georgetown

The last location at Georgetown is my wife’s favorite, I like it too. My buddy David helped us out here, the wind blew him to our corner of the street and I used the gift.
He is holding the 24 inch Ezybox while Chelsey get her posin’ on.

Rock Wall, Red Head

We finished up at the Square in a robust 90 minutes of shooting, full of antiques, vignettes, green tea, and battle wounds.

The gallery of Georgetown images is here.

In Part Two we travel to Ramaker Stables

— JB

Georgetown Photowalk

I had a great time in Georgetown on Saturday for Scott Kelby’s World Wide Photo Walk. 50 photographers met up on the square in G’town at Cianfrani’s coffee shop. We proceeded to take in the town square, the old palace theater, the library and then back to the square. We walked from about 8am to about 11am.

I changed things up this year by trying out a flash on a stick. Basically I was walking around with a bare flash on a lightstand with another flash and trigger in my backpack in case I wanted to go with a two light setup. I also went about getting different subjects that most, mainly because mine were subjects and not objects. Apparently I like people.

Paul Riley, Peter Shugarts, Carlos Austin and Amresh were the guys I walked with most, but we ebbed and flowed into a group and out on our own again. Also got to see Bill Lawrence, Geoff Hammond (the photo walk leader), and Bill Meier. We sat around the lunch table and chimped like no tommorow. But we were the only ones in the room doing it, so we felt even more like zoo animals.

Great to see everyone, and the diversity of images we obtained. Already looking forward to next year.

Here is a link to my images
and the Flickr Group for all the photos link

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