Fallen Sirens

The tall ship rocked in the waves. The unluckly sailor either cursed or fated to leave this world is cast into the vastness of the ocean. The first and close to the last thought to enter his consciousness is creatures like you three have longs since abanoned this world. Fallen sirens feasting on those that can hear the faint calls to the deep. Mother Ocean slowly transforming them into her own image. I see this is where my lifeline is cut short

The rope of hope is now a rope of condemnation. Three points and three sets of hands to bind you

Why Me? The sailor asks
Why Fight? The sirens return

Welcome to the abyss, your struggle ends here and now

Let me give a bunch of shout outs to those that made this end of summer fun shoot a possibility.

My wife’s cousin for hosting us in Dripping Springs. The pool and deck are an oasis in the Texas Summertime.
The makeup skills of Crystal Glass and Robin McShaffry who put the looks in the pool.
My always there florist at Flower Child Design for the wicked seaweed necklaces.
The underwater talents of our models, Ryan, Alex, Crystal and Sky.
My first mate on these adventures, Austin.
My pal Kim with the corset’s
My buddy Henry for helping out with the dive tanks, weight belts and breathers.

It takes so many people working together to make something a little out of the box to happen. Thanks to everyone involved!

Miss Swamp Thang – Pflugerville, Texas

I am dangerous when my mind wanders as I run. I know this. On one of my morning run’s around Lake Pflugerville, I noticed a cool spot of land – kinda swampy, but shallow, and from there my imagination took off. I enlisted the help of several of my friends to pull off these photos, so let me get to crediting them first.


Where the action was about to take place

First up is Flower Child Design, my partners in crime for a lot of my photoshoots this summer. I go and talk to Beau and Louis, and say, “I need swampy flower turned into wearable part for a couple of models.” I come back in 2 weeks and they have made bracelets, headbands, rings, sashes, belt and belt buckles all made of flowers, including my favorite, the starfighter lily. Seriously, this is not FTD stuff that they do, it is a meld of technical skill and a creative spark. My kind of people!

Kim applies the makeup to Megan at Flower Child Design

Second is Kim Salicki of Ashton Sterling Photography, she and her husband Greg have been doing a 365 project that I follow on Flickr. Kim had a few weeks where she painted her face up pretty wildly, so perfect for this project! She graciously did the makeup, and then turned around and got in the water with us to model as well. Thanks Kim!

Megan, Chelsey, Courtney and Kim get Growly

Third, my model crew. This was not one of those scorching Texas Summer days. More like chill of the autumn in October evenings. But my gang of Megan, Chelsey and Courtney, plus Kim, stood in swampy water, slightly shivering, for over an hour with questionable footing and fishies swimming past. Thanks yall!

Swamp Thangs!

We lit the scene with 4 lights. 2 small 430ex’s firing in the distance to illuminate the shadow side of the fence and reeds in the background. About 1/8 power, zoomed to 105. The main light was a AlienBee 800 in an octobox powered with a Vagabond (no explosions this time), planted safely in dry land on the boat ramp. Then I had a Canon 430exII in a 24inch EzyBox up close in 2 feet of standing water for edge or fill depending. The sun, what little we had left was the backlight.

Court Lookin Fierce!

My main directions were “fierce” , “growl”, “snarl”. I wanted them to be organic creature rising from the swamp, and not being too happy about it. This of course caused lots of laughter as I would growl back.

Chelsey Submerged

And then, of course, I asked them to dunk their face almost all the way into the water – hat tip to Joe McNally on this one.

Megan Submerged

Again, thanks to everybody who helped make this shoot a reality!