Madison & Tom’s Engagement Session in Austin


“Feet in the Sky, Feet on the Ground” –
When discussing Madsion’s engagement session, she mentioned that she wanted to do something a little different, music to my ears! I have had an idea of photograph where the bride to be was floating through the air while the fiance anchored her down. Madison and Tom were perfect for this because Madison is a dancer and aerialist and had the needed body control to pivot off the unseen ladder. The weather cooperated as well, giving us the soft and gloomy light of a British countryside at the rolling hills of Commons Ford Park. The couples outfits added that last great element of posh, country elegance with a three piece suit and a red dress. I felt like they could have left a formal afternoon tea to take these photographs.

Our second setup of the day was interesting as well. Smores around a fire pit, Madison’s favorite pastime. Sounds easy enough, but I knew the light would be harsh just coming from the flames. To fix the harsh light we used three LED panels gelled orange and red to smooth out the light on Tom and Madison’s face and to give a bit of edge lighting to separate them from the dark background. We cooked marshmellows and burned a few until we got what we needed.

Looking forward to their wedding at the Downton Abby-esque Chateau Bellevue in the spring of 2015.






Ivy & Dan: Austin Engagement Session

Ivy & Dan: Austin Engagements #-4

You might have already seen Ivy & Dan from their Soaked Section of their engagements. We figured that today would be a good time to show off their “normal” downtown Austin and baseball themed parts to our morning engagement portraits. Downtown Austin was chosen based on Dan not being from around these parts, and the baseball because they met on a baseball field!

Normal is never a good description of anything that Ivy and I take part of, so we had to add some silly photos into the mix. Exhibit A is the Darth Vader Choke photo with Dan getting at least 4 inches of air time. Exhibit B is the tackle on the basepaths, I don’t think jumping on the shortshop is in the rules of the game. But mainly what we got to capture was their love and warmth for each other. Above all that to me is what stands out when I view their photographs.

Love yall!

Ivy & Dan: Austin Engagements #2

Ivy & Dan: Austin Engagements #

Ivy & Dan: Austin Engagements #-3

Ivy & Dan: Austin Engagements #-5

Ivy & Dan: Austin Engagements #-6

Ivy & Dan: Austin Engagements #-7

Ivy & Dan: Austin Engagements #-8

Ivy & Dan: Austin Engagements #-9

Ivy & Dan: Austin Engagements #10

Travis & Stacy: Bull Creek Engagements


Yall are going to be seeing more of this couple as these are just the first installments of their engagement sessions. We have something amazing planned for the second session. Our goal for this engagement session was to showcase Travis & Stacy’s love of the outdoors and their love for each other. We picked Bull Creek for the way the sunlight hits the creek, and because I knew there was a rope swing to utilize.

The rope swing is the first idea we had in doing a Tarzan inspired swinging from the vines chasing his Jane photo. Travis did amazing in the multiple takes it took to get him swinging into the right space. These were the last photos of the shoot. The second to last set included a waterfall and a kiss, and if you follow our work, of course we had to have water involved somehow! We dragged the shutter to 1/15th to get the blurring of water to show motion while Travis and Stacy embraced, Stillness in Motion and all that.

Thanks Stacy and Travis for braving the scorching Austin sun to capture these moments. Looking forward to our next installment already!





Indiana Schwant and the Hamilton Pool

What follows is a fun tale of engagement. Indy Schwant is in the Far East on the Search for a Wedding Idol and leaves with more than he bargained for. We first see Indy in a seedy bar looking for clues when his eye is caught by a luscious lounge singer, let’s call her Dana. Their adventure jump starts by them looking for clues into the whereabouts of the cultural artifact. After Indy Schwant swaps the Cake Topper Idol, they are faced with booby traps and bad guys. But Indy always wins doesn’t he. What is his prize for this adventure?

Somewhere in a bar in the Far East, Indy is intrigued by Dana the Singer

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Kara & Joe – Engaged in Austin

Evening Sun at Zilker

I know what you are thinking, haven’t we seen this couples engagement photos. Yes and No, we have posted the first part when they went underwater for me. These are the “official” versions sure to please the happy couple and their families.

Our general plan was to take a mini-tour of Austin to show off the city for their families which both live out of state. We started at Lou Neff Point on the trail to get some skyline in our photos. And then spun around to photograph in Zilker Park proper which has special meaning because that is where Joe proposed to Kara!

Skyline and Springs, just watch out for attacking Geese!

We proceeded to cruise around town looking for a more “urban” scene trying to capture a different feel. We saw this alleyway and just had to shoot there. Joe is saying that a fight scene in Machete happened here and that somehow led to a discussion on Jessica Alba’s acting skills. Kara’s sister Laura helped me with a snooted light on a stick to really highlight the romance in the alley.

Alleyway Romance

We finished off with a little time spent in front of the Capitol. We only had to wait a few minutes before the lights came on to shine onto the building and a perfect gust of wind gives us the Superman-tie curl that you see below. Also, Kara has some calves, just saying. I guess that is what happens when you train as hard as this couple does. You look awesome all the time!

Current Superheroes/Future Senators?

Stay tuned, we have a special side project from this shoot that I think yall will dig.


Collin and Amy’s Engagement’s – New Braunfels, Texas

At the Bandit

First off, let me say how fun it is to work with an adventuresome couple. We knew going in where we were going to end up, under a bridge, and all parties had appropriate footwear, if not the towels.

Second, what a fun shoot!

Third, thanks a ton to Lauren “Lolo-a-gogo” for helping out, holding lights and being my driver.
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