October Mermaids: Underwater Series in Austin


The thing about mermaids is, you never quite know when they will show up to haunt you. Our ongoing project of photographing mermaids in the wild stretches back over 2 years now and we are just now refining our process to capturing these rare and unforgiving creatures. This set of photographs captures 3 sessions from one not so warm October day in 2014. Our first set features Kari and David in either a mating dance or perhaps an underwater turf battle. After the two of them swam furiously away, we found a mermaid in bright orange and yellow mysteriously floating across the surface of the water. We could not divine her intentions, so we simply snapped a few photographs of Nicole and awed at her grace. Lastly, we found Jennifer underwater and coaxed her into letting us take a few portraits of her, much like one does as a tourists in a faraway land. After she had her fill of us, off to the school of fishes to retrieve her young.

Creative Makeup (and pool!) by Lecia Harkins
Mermaid Tails from FinFunMermaid










Kevin & Alyssa – Wedding Preview

Bride and Stained Glass

I have had the distinct pleasure of watching Kevin grow up for his entire life. Alyssa I have known for a shorter period of time but she is no less sweet in my heart. And we had a rollicking time photographing their wedding this weekend. You might remember this couple as one of our underwater engagement sessions from this Summer. While they are laying on a beach somewhere in the Caribbean enjoying warmer waters, we are sharing a preview of their wedding photographs.

The service was held at St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church and the reception at the Red Oak Ballroom. Our second shooter for this and all of March’s weddings is Andrew Fritz.Continue reading