Jillian: Seguin Senior Portraits


Hmm. Where to start on this session? We had the sweet and sassy section in an old barn with lots of dusts and sun. Then there was the bonfire in a field with a windmill in the background. Or maybe it was how we ended in a gym doing cross fit? Any way you slice it, we had an amazing time making senior portraits with Jillian in Seguin, Texas. Her smile lit up the dusty barn and her box jumps left us amazed. We also have to give her dad some credit in building a bonfire in heavy winds and then tamping it out when the fire spread a bit.

There is still time to get your Senior Portraits done! What aspect of your personality can we show off? And lastly, which one is everyone’s favorite? I have an idea but I will leave the vote up to the public





Alonda + Jinxy: {Style Shoot}

Jaded Lover

Jaded Lover

For those that follow blog know that I am a firm believer in personal and creative projects pushing client work to new levels. We get a chance to experiment with new lighting concepts and with other creative people all pursuing their passion. Yesterday’s project team included a new model, a new to us fashion designer and a stylist you have seen but in a new role. Lots of energy around in the prep time of the shoot, I blame the green tea and doughnuts.  Alondra is our fresh face rocking the Jinxedaposed Clothing line in front of our abandoned barn.  Alondra is a total trooper! Just as we started shooting a Texas Blue Norther rolled in dropping the temperature 20 degrees and producing sleet by the end of the shoot.  Flowers and sticks were from our friends at Flower Child Design, with first assistant Austin building a sweet rose thorn teepee thing.  Jinxedaposed has a bunch of cool projects in her hopper and we are looking forward to working with their designs more in the future. Our stylist for the day is  Jenny Lynn who has modeled for us extensively and is adding styling to toolbox.

Fates to the wind

Fates to the wind

Our theme for the day was a duality of expressions from Alondra, we wanted both the depressed, anguished jilted lover vibe counting rose petals in a loves me, loves me not phase versus an I am so over them fiery passion. Impressed with Alondra for emoting those emotions when conditions were getting tough.  My fingers were almost frozen to the camera when we were finished!



We ran close to the same setup for the two different locations. A boomed silver beauty dish way up high coming almost straight down for our key light.  An AlienBee in a sport reflector provided the edge light from way back in the scene to highlight the fallen tree and give that bit of separation from the background. The files were processed in Lightroom4 and Photoshop mostly in Nik Color Efex. I have been really playing with tighter beams of light the last few weeks and really like having the boomed beauty dish or spot grid as a key light. Lots of drama without all the spill on the ground, less light reflecting back into the scene as well.


Beauty dish boomed up high and angled into the models face. The 20 mph wind and blue norther really made this light a challenge in the open field.

Beauty dish boomed up high and angled into the models face. The 20 mph wind and blue norther really made this light a challenge in the open field. Austin wrapped up to stay warm and Jenny Lynn looking on from the sidelines

Thanks again to all who helped out on this project, lets shoot on a warmer date next time!


Falon: Liberty Hill HS Senior Portraits {Fire and Horses}

Go big or go home. We try to photograph by the motto when possible. Between our underwater photography, renting airplanes for landscapes or bringing more lights than the sun to session we go big. Falon wanted big. Her dad built a huge bonfire for us to use as a backdrop. Falon brought her black mare, Belle, to ride bareback. We brought the lights and attitude. Belle brought the occassional perky ears. Just a fun senior session all around. Falon’s parents were making faces at her while she was trying to act tough in front of the flames. Three dogs were vying for our attention in the downtime as we setup the lights. And the weather was just a perfect fall November day in Central Texas.

Which of these is your favorite? How can we go big for your portraits?!

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Steffi’s Senior Portraits: Red Barn & Waterfalls

Steffi, a 2013 Senior from Westwood High School, is a little more adventuresome than the rest of her classmates. The pictures that follow will bear this out, but she also lived in France for 9 years, plans to attend University in Fort Collins, Colorado and loves her horse Gus. None of these made the photographs. What did make our pictures today were Steffi in her element around an old barn and getting seriously wet at a secret waterfall somewhere in Pflugerville. Thanks to Steffi for saying yes when we asked to lay down in the waterfall, and no we will not share my posing demonstration.

Tell Steffi how awesome she looks in the comments!
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Horse and Rider Portraits – April 25th – Ramaker Stables

Horse and Rider Flyer

The long awaited, oft asked about, Horse and Rider Portrait Mini-Session will be returning to Ramaker Stables on Sunday, April 25th from 4:30 pm to 8pm. We will be offering 30 minute sessions for 75 dollars. The first session starts at 4:30pm and continues in 30 minute increments through the 7:30pm session. Sunset is expected to be around 8:07 on the 25th.

Your 75 dollars reserves your time slot, gets you an 8×10(or12) print of your favorite photo on Josh’s Special Metallic Print, and 5 Facebook Favorites to share with your friends and family. There will also be an online gallery of all of your shots to order more prints or custom items.

Horse and Rider 2009

These sessions are a quick, affordable way to get great images of you and your pony! Think of all the hours you spend together. Let us capture the relationship of you and your pony to make your memories stronger with great images.

Portraits will be of the horse and the rider in one location. The mini-session timing does not allow for location switching during the session.

It is advised to have your horse and self groomed, ready to go by the start time of your session to keep this event on schedule.

Confirm your attendance on our Facebook page here

Questions can be directed to Josh at josh@azulox.com

Horse Portraits – Barn Mini-Sessions


Coming soon to a stable near you!

This Spring I will be doing Horse Portrait Mini-Sessions at some local stables. Ramaker Stables for sure and Rolling Ridge because I have some fans out there too. Are there any blog readers that ride at a different barn/stable that would like AzulOx Mini-Sessions to appear?

Oh, time to answer what exactly a mini-session is.

* 75$ to book your 20 minute time slot (versus 250 for the hour)
* Online Gallery for viewing and print orders
* Facebook Favorites – facebook friendly sizes to share with your network.

Dates and Time slots will be announced soon. Sunday afternoon’s are the preferred time/date combo.

Ok, Mr AzulOx, words are nice, but lets see some pictures!
done and done.

Steph and Grace

Chelsey and Bentley

Horses and Sunsets

Sunset and Horses

Thursday Night I headed out to Ramaker Stables to watch my wife ride her new horse Gus. That and I had some ideas of things I wanted to try with lights.
Basically, I wanted to treat the Horses like I usually light my Human Athletes. Give them edge and contrast, while bringing out the ambient exposure if its good.
These images are pretty much how they looked on the back of the LCD. For the Black horses, I added some fill. The White horse, toned down the bright whites just a bit.

Sunset and Horses

The three light are setup in a basic triangle, two behind the horses and one in front around the arena. This gave me different shooting slots to get new angles without having to reset the lights. I have found this to be good way of shooting sports action when you know the general location the athlete will move through. In this case a 20 foot square.

Sunset and Horses

Honestly, I didn’t plan on having a spectacular sunset backdrop, but I was prepared in case one happened. I had maybe 8 minutes of this light to work with. The rest of the night, the background/ambient was not so pretty.

Another example to always bring your camera, and in this case, your lights too.

The rest of the purchase gallery is here