Jonathan and Lindsay - Austin wedding photographer - Prospect House Wedding - DIY Wedding

Jonathan and Lindsay: A DIY Vintage Prospect House Wedding in Dripping Springs

Jonathan and Lindsay - Prospect House - DIY Wedding - 061

I’ve known Jonathan for a long while through the swing dance scene and later met Lindsay the same way. I’ve often found them efficiently making things “just work” as a part of Austin’s booming dance scene. They are a couple that make a great team and are also really cute together.

Given how their engagement session went, I wasn’t surprised when their wedding was heaps of fun too. Lindsay and Jonathan applied their dance scene skills to their wedding and made it work flawlessly. They DIY’ed all their decorations to turn Prospect House into a setting that perfectly reflected their playful sense of style. Lindsay made hundreds of gorgeous paper flowers, cute place settings for each guest,  and a lot of nice small touches to help the guests enjoy the wedding.

Congratulations Jonathan and Lindsay!  Thanks for having us as your photographers.

Decorations & Wedding Party Accessories: Lindsay Jow
Dinner: East Side Kings
Cake & Cupcakes: Sugar Mamas Bakeshop, Austin Tx
Venue: Prospect House, Dripping, Sprints Tx
Band: Jonathan Doyle Swingtet
Photo Booth: Bootheasy
Lindsay’s Dress: Fancy Bridal NY
Lindsay’s Shoes: Remix Vintage

Jonathan and Lindsay - Prospect House - DIY Wedding - 013

Jonathan and Lindsay - Prospect House - DIY Wedding - 009

Jonathan and Lindsay - Prospect House - DIY Wedding - 010

Jonathan and Lindsay - Prospect House - DIY Wedding - 016

Jonathan and Lindsay - Prospect House - DIY Wedding - 020

Jonathan and Lindsay - Prospect House - DIY Wedding - 018

Jonathan and Lindsay - Prospect House - DIY Wedding - 021

Jonathan and Lindsay - Prospect House - DIY Wedding - 099

Jonathan and Lindsay - Prospect House - DIY Wedding - 025

Jonathan and Lindsay - Prospect House - DIY Wedding - 028

Jonathan and Lindsay - Prospect House - DIY Wedding - 023

Jonathan and Lindsay - Prospect House - DIY Wedding - 030

Jonathan and Lindsay - Prospect House - DIY Wedding - 034

Jonathan and Lindsay - Prospect House - DIY Wedding - 103

Jonathan and Lindsay - Prospect House - DIY Wedding - 102

Jonathan and Lindsay - Prospect House - DIY Wedding - 031

Jonathan and Lindsay - Prospect House - DIY Wedding - 043

Jonathan and Lindsay - Prospect House - DIY Wedding - 045

Jonathan and Lindsay - Prospect House - DIY Wedding - 051

Jonathan and Lindsay - Prospect House - DIY Wedding - 065

Jonathan and Lindsay - Prospect House - DIY Wedding - 062

Jonathan and Lindsay - Prospect House - DIY Wedding - 063

Jonathan and Lindsay - Prospect House - DIY Wedding - 068

Jonathan and Lindsay - Prospect House - DIY Wedding - 069

Jonathan and Lindsay - Prospect House - DIY Wedding - 059

Kristina and Brett at Vintage Villas - Reception - I do - austin wedding photographer -

Kristina and Britt: Wedding at Vintage Villas in Lakeway

Kristina and Brett at Vintage Villas - 001

You might remember Kristina & Britt from their engagement session session where Josh got soaked stepping too deep in a lake. And with Austin’s weather this spring threatening rain everyday we lucked out for the wedding ceremony with a calm day and a wonderful sunset (our favorite). Everyone in attendance enjoyed the wonderful views of Lake Travis at Vintage Villas and we all managed to stay dry for the wedding. The weather gods appeased, we were treated to a night of heart rending toasts, ecstatic dancing and a blending of families and cultures. The last part is the aspect of weddings that we feel are the most compelling. Families coming together to witness and share in the love of an union such as Britt & Kristina.

Kristina and Brett at Vintage Villas - 002

Kristina and Brett at Vintage Villas - 006

Kristina and Brett at Vintage Villas - 004

Kristina and Brett at Vintage Villas - 005

Kristina and Brett at Vintage Villas - 007

Kristina and Brett at Vintage Villas - 012

Kristina and Brett at Vintage Villas - 009

Kristina and Brett at Vintage Villas - 013

Kristina and Brett at Vintage Villas - 015

Kristina and Brett at Vintage Villas - 016

Kristina and Brett at Vintage Villas - 041

Kristina and Brett at Vintage Villas - 038

20160609_IMG_1123 1

Kristina and Brett at Vintage Villas - 020

Kristina and Brett at Vintage Villas - 021



Kristina and Brett at Vintage Villas - 039

Kristina and Brett at Vintage Villas - 024

Kristina and Brett at Vintage Villas - 025

Kristina and Brett at Vintage Villas - 026

Kristina and Brett at Vintage Villas - 028

Kristina and Brett at Vintage Villas - 031

Kristina and Brett at Vintage Villas - 032

Kristina and Brett at Vintage Villas - 036

Jonathan and Lindsay – A Vintage Austin Engagement

Jonathan and Lindsay are people I’ve known a while through the Lindy Hop community, but that is only one facet of their personality. Jonathan is one of the biggest foodies I know and Lindsay is really into 40s, 50s and 60s vintage. They have both been bitten by the entrepreneurship bug too. They definitely have their own style. And I spent most of their engagement shoots grinning ear to ear and chuckling.

Planning engagements is always fun. Sometimes we just do pretty pictures but we really enjoy finding something a little more personal, something that really speaks to the couple’s personality.

Lindsay asked if we could do part of their engagement at Sawyer & Co in East Austin. A quick call to the manager and we were good to go. Not only was Sawyer & Co really nice and the decor cool, but the food was great too. The restaurant made a nice backdrop so I decided to have some fun and tell a little visual story through the session. Enjoy!

Lindsay and Jonathan - Austin Vintage Swing - 037

Lindsay and Jonathan - Austin Vintage Swing - 046

Lindsay and Jonathan - Austin Vintage Swing - 036

Lindsay and Jonathan - Austin Vintage Swing - 044

Lindsay and Jonathan - Austin Vintage Swing - 043

Lindsay and Jonathan - Austin Vintage Swing - 039

Lindsay and Jonathan - Austin Vintage Swing - 042

Lindsay and Jonathan - Austin Vintage Swing - 040

Lindsay and Jonathan - Austin Vintage Swing - 041

Kristen & Sam: A Match Made in Austin


Kristen & Sam kicked off our first wedding of 2016 with a big bash at the elegant Driskill Hotel in downtown Austin. Their wedding certainly set the bar for the rest of the weddings to come this year. Kristen is low key and up for whatever photo ideas we had, and Sam just made us laugh the whole day. Perfect combination of fun, silly, and mad/made for each other. During the first look Sam pulled out his cellphone to throw Kristen off her romantic game. I started to shout to him that Kristen was coming through the door, then realized he was trying to prank her. He made up for it for weeping a bit at how beautiful Kristen looked in her wedding gown. Andrew made sure to capture it from across the sheet in the parking garage.

We had a great gang of vendors to work with, and one unique vendor type that we haven’t seen at a wedding yet. Personalized poems for wedding guests from Typewriter Rodeo, what a cool idea!
Venue: Driskill Hotel
Florist: Coby Neal/The Flower Studio
Video: New Road Videography
Hair/Makeup: RAE Cosmetics
Planner: Lydia Smith
Poems: Typewriter Rodeo
Photobooth: Booth 66

Congrats to Kristen & Sam, a Match made in Austin, with adventures in store to carry them far and wide!
































Andrea and Keith – It’s All About the Moment

Andrea and Keith - Kindred Oaks Austin Wedding - 10

Some weddings have elaborate decorations, food, and proceedings. Andrea and Keith’s had all those things, but they had something you can’t hire. It was the sort of wedding where my face was sore because I couldn’t help but smile the entire time. You could feel the happiness radiating from them as a physical warmth. When the DJ played Kermit the Frog’s “The Rainbow Connection” for Keith and his mother and then they called Andrea and their son over, it got hard to take pictures. (No really, I wasn’t crying. I just had something in my eye… both of them…)

Venue: Kindred Oaks
Southerns Fine Dining
Flowers: Zuzu’s Petals
DJ: Top Choice DJ
Cake: Sweet Treets Bakery
Coordinator: 11:11 Events
Hair & Makeup: Revelry Beauty

Andrea and Keith - Kindred Oaks Austin Wedding - 01

Andrea and Keith - Kindred Oaks Austin Wedding - 12

Andrea and Keith - Kindred Oaks Austin Wedding - 14

Andrea and Keith - Kindred Oaks Austin Wedding - 15

Angela & Arron: Vista on Seward Hill Wedding -

Angela & Arron: Vista on Seward Hill Wedding


Fun Fun Fun Fest happened this past weekend in Austin, but I don’t think anyone had more fun fun fun than Angela & Arron at their wedding. Every photo we took had either Angela smiling, Arron laughing, Angela making a silly face or Arron trying to make Angela laugh some more. Just infectious laughter throughout the evening. Seriouly, watch the trailer we made for their wedding film and try to find a face that isn’t one step from hypoxic laughter.

A few of the vendors that made it happen
Venue: The Vista on Seward Hill
Catering: Southern’s Fine Dining
Florist: Just’in Roses
Planner: Patrice with All Occassions
Hair & Makeup: Adrian with Revelry Beauty
















Noah & Vanessa: Austin Wedding - Austin Wedding photographer, First Dance, Brazos Hall

Noah & Vanessa: Austin Wedding


Dream Austin Wedding. Let’s start with the bride, Vanessa. Look at every photograph she is in and you will see relaxed, happy, effervescent, and in love with Noah. And those are just the ones in this post. We literally have 100’s of photos of Vanessa laughing, giggling and telling stories with her bridesmaids and family. A perfect photogenic bride. And then there is Noah, the man behind the scenes making every thing happen. Perhaps the most involved groom we have come across in planning and that’s a great thing. What woman doesn’t want a husband that is involved and cares about the outcome of their life events. Good on you, Noah.

Secondly, the friends and family that came out to share their love for the wedded couple. From all over the States and even a kilted man from Scotland, yes the accent was killer. The family that surround Noah & Vanessa and made us feel like a part of the family too. Thank you for the kindness.

Finally, let’s talk about the amazing vendors that made the day go smoothly and awesomely. Any event would do well to just copy and paste this vendor list. A guaranteed good time will follow. See what we mean by Dream Austin Wedding?

Wedding Team

Reception Venue: Brazos Hall
Floral: STEMS Floral
Ceremony: St. Austin Catholic Church
Planners: 11:11 Events
Caterer: Royal Fig Catering
Music: DJ Gatsby
Lights & Chandelier: Intelligent Light Design

We are excited to be sharing not only these photographs now, but soon the Wedding Film Trailer and then the full Wedding Highlight Film. In the meantime here is a link to their fun Save the Date Video we captured alongside their engagement portraits all around Austin.

Noah & Vanessa, thanks for having a part of your big day, congratulations!
















Richie & Lindsay: Wedding at The Mansion in Austin, Texas


Our team was transported in time for Richie & Lindsay’s wedding at the timeless Mansion/Federation of Women’s Clubs. Between the classic Chuck Taylor’s on the Bride to the barbershop quartet of Richie & The Groomsmen (yes, I have dubbed them so) to the amazing reception entrance with the bride and groom serenading each other like something out of West Side Story, we had to feel our smartphones in our pockets to remind ourselves that the year was in fact 2015 and not 1955.

Thanks to Richie & Lindsay for having us there to capture their singin’ & dancin’ shenanigans, the faces of the crowd told the story of the love you share with each other. Also, sparkler exits are scary!

Thanks to the great vendors that give us so much to photograph and film:
Planner: 11:11 Events
Venue: The Mansion
Florist: Bella by Sara
Food: Chi’Lantro
Band: Skyrocket














Mimi: Seguin Senior Portraits


Mimi’s Senior Portrait Experience took us from the sunny shores of Lake Pflugerville to the neon lights of downtown Austin. Mimi came to us from Seguin, Texas and decided on water and urban as her themes to explore. The Pinterest board she created was full of sunny, hazy photos and lots of water. We took those choices and delivered photographs that could have been taken on any beach not just the 200 foot beach at Lake P. The unique part of the shoot for us was in downtown Austin. We chased the fading sunlight in the west 6th area finding angles and colors. Really excited for how that part of the set turned out.

Good luck to Mimi as she enters the University of Texas in the fall to begin her quest in becoming a doctor. Hook’em!





Scott: Swimming Senior Portraits


Scott presented us with a challenge to photograph his senior portraits underwater. Challenge: Accepted! We have tried to setup a Senior Experience like this for 3 years now so we were excited and nervous at the start of this session. Years of expectations and visions of the final photographs have been dancing in our heads for a while now. The actual shoot did not take place in our head though, for that we headed out to South Austin to the pool where Scott trains, the Austin Aquatics and Sport Academy run by Olympian Brendan Hansen.

Andrew and I divided up the shoot to maximize our limited pool time. Andrew took our underwater housing and photographed Scott from below the surface while I wrangled lights and concentrated on the above the surface photographs. We both played with strong orange/blue color combinations to mimic a strong sunset and cool tones of the water. Scott was a trooper and swam hard in 10 meter bursts for about a 1000 repetitions. Andrew and I are both super thrilled with how these photographs turned out and we hope that you enjoy them too.

Looking forward to following Scott’s progress as he heads up to Michigan to swim in college.

Let us know how we can photograph your Senior Experience!









Clay at UT Tower

Clay: Dripping Springs Senior Portraits


City to Country, Business to Golf to Farm. Clay is a young modern man with contrasts and facets in his life. Our Senior Portrait Experience started at the UT McCombs School of Business where Clay will be attending in the fall. Risky Business look? We think so too. From there we headed to Grey Rock GC to photograph Clay in his other passion, golf. We set up our lights to bring a ESPN the Magazine look to the photographs. We ended the day at his home in Dripping Springs to show off the softer side of his nature utilizing the beautiful natural light of the Texas evening.

A big Hook’Em to Clay and thanks for having us photograph your passions









Madison & Tom: Chateau Bellevue Wedding - Austin Wedding Photographers -

Madison & Tom: Chateau Bellevue Wedding


We talk about firsts when talking about weddings that we photograph. We believe that every wedding has something new to see and an unique “first”. Madison and Tom continue that belief in firsts for us. The first bride we have seen use her mother and sisters sorority pins as something borrowed attached to her bouquet. The first exit we have seen that instead of sparklers or lights utilized paper airplanes. Madison is also the first bride we thought was going to spontaneously combust with happiness as she said “I do” to her about to be husband Tom. Madison radiated her joy throughout the evening. Friends and family reflected the glow as a perfect Austin Sunday evening sunset descended upon the happy newlyweds.

Thanks to Chateau Bellevue for being great hosts as always, and thanks to Madison and Tom for having us at their wedding along with their willingness to fly for the engagement photos.




















Spring Bliss Bridal Cover Shoot


We’ve been waiting excitedly for the spring edition of Bliss Bridal Magazine to hit the shelves so we could share some of our photos from the cover shoot. The shoot was a fun mix of country details with a sprinkling of city sophistication.

Magazine: Bliss Bridal Magazines Spring Issue
Venue: The Terrace at Salado
Models: Jamie Blanek
Photo + Video: AzulOx Visuals
Florals: Ginny Swalley Creative Innovations of Salado
Gowns: Georgio’s Bridal
Planning, Design & Rentals: Confetti Rentals
Cake: Simply Sweet Bakery
Hair & Makeup: Fascino Beauty
Stationery: Studio W Designs

Bliss Bridal Cover Shoot 2015 - 011

Bliss Bridal Cover Shoot 2015 - 002

Bliss Bridal Cover Shoot 2015 - 026

Bliss Bridal Cover Shoot 2015 - 007

Bliss Bridal Cover Shoot 2015 - 028

Bliss Bridal Cover Shoot 2015 - 029

Bliss Bridal Cover Shoot 2015 - 016

Kaitlyn: Liberty Hill Senior Portraits


Excited excited to be sharing the first set of Kaitlyn’s Senior Portraits from Antebellum Oaks. We have big plans for parts 2 and maybe 3 if the Texas weather ever cooperates. Kaitlyn wanted something different from the norm and knew that we could deliver on her ideas that started with classic portraits and ended with an antebellum picnic reading classic books.

Kaitlyn is exactly the type of client we love, she has stalked our website for years now, knew all the crazy things we have done in the past and we are planning to top a few of those concepts for parts 2 and 3. She rides a horse named Dancing in the Rain if that gives you an idea of where we are headed.

Special Thanks to Adrian with Revelry Beauty for the three looks and a huge thanks to Antebellum Oaks for being gracious hosts!











Noah & Vanessa: Laughing Around Austin Engagements

Austin Engagement Laughing #-1

Laughing around Austin is seriously all we did for Noah & Vanessa’s engagement session. Our goal was to hit up fun spots around Austin while staying away from the cliche spots (I am looking at you Jo’s Coffee Shop). We managed to get 5 locations in 3 hours and only had to slide through one chain link fence to get our East Austin Skyline photographs. We all were laughing the entire shoot, even when I broke one of my flash tubes, or kept losing my balance. Vanessa and her infectious Jennifer Garner smile kept us all in good spirits. Noah you have your hands full with that one I tell ya. Truly one of the nights when I didn’t want to stop shooting, if only to stop and have a beer and hang out with this super fun couple.

We are excitedly looking forward to their August wedding with reception at Brazos Hall, all planned by one of our fave event teams, 11:11 Events.

Austin Engagement Laughing #-2

Austin Engagement Laughing #-3

Austin Engagement Laughing #-4

Austin Engagement Laughing #-5

Austin Engagement Laughing #-6

Austin Engagement Laughing #-7

Austin Engagement Laughing #-8

Jared & Megan: Inn at Wild Rose Hall Wedding in Dripping Springs


Happy Sunday Wedding Dance Party. Jared and Megan’s wedding was the perfect expression of two fabulous people coming together as one. The positive energy, the lightness in the mood, the smiles on guests faces are all the aspects that I will take away from this wedding. The venue,, provided a fantastic backdrop to the day with the little touches here and there, the nooks and quirks that provided the Austin in the Hill Country vibe. The day went off without a hitch thanks to the planning and preparation of 11:11 Events. The floral designs from Sixpence Floral tied in so well to the theme and feel of the day.

Let’s talk about some of the firsts as we like to do because we believe every wedding has something we have never seen before. This was the first and probably only wedding in the near future that we photographed using the medium format Pentax 645z. The files took a bit longer to process but wow the detail in the photographs is just astounding. This was important to us because Jared’s father is a photographer from Georgia and I wanted to have something special for their day as a nod to his efforts.

Our favorite little moment occured when a three old guests took the mic during the reception and belted out Let It Go from Frozen. The entire crowd cheered her on, pretty neat few minutes.

Make sure and scroll to the bottom to see what our Coming Soon trailer for their wedding film and get a sense of what all the dancing was like!














Nicole: Commercial Fitness in downtown Austin

Can you do a headstand? Nicole can!

We are rebuilding our commercial fitness portfolio during this fall and winter. Photographing Nicole at the Thinkery parking garage is our first step in that process to update our fitness genre portfolio. We loved the geometry and color of the parking structure as a complement and a contrast to Nicole’s long lines. Part of our passion in the fitness genre is to showcase strong people, especially women, to serve as a better projection of what we can acheive. Nicole told me she had been doing two a day workouts for the month leading up to this session to get her body in the best shape she could. Love that passion and commitment.

If you are interested in showcasing your fitness this winter please contact us. And if you have a great story behind your achievements even better!







Bliss Bridal Cover Shoot at Hyatt Austin


Love our styled shoots with Bliss Bridal Magazine because we get a chance to connect and work with new wedding vendors. For the Fall issue we were at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Austin, Texas for the opening of the Hyatt’s new Zilker Ballroom. Part of our photographs were to show the scale and usage potential of the new ballroom. We had 2 model brides running around the Hyatt on a hot Texas August day to showcase the views and angles of the Hyatt property. Our video below walks you through the design process from the creative directors viewpoint so give that a watch too. Thanks to everyone who made these photographs a success!

Magazine: Bliss Bridal Magazines Fall Issue
Venue: Hyatt Regency
Models: Jill Love & Tiffany Chan
Photo + Video: AzulOx Visuals (
Florals: Arthouse Florals
Gowns: Blush Bridal Lounge
Rentals: Unique Events and Design
Cake: Baked by Amy’s
Hair & Makeup: All Dolled Up
Lighting & Lounge: Universal Sounds and Entertainment

We filmed our cover shoot for at the Hyatt Regency in Downtown Austin.