Stephanie & Kerstan: Engagement Session


What an afternoon for an engagement session! Half of this session was planned to be underwater but Texas weather turned the temps down low and the Comal River is cold enough. We were left with a couple that lives on an amazing Century Farm in New Braunfels, Texas and has the attitude to withstand my creative whims. For instance, we egged the happy couple into having a hayfight. And then we had two helpers through more hay on them while fighting. I must stay I think the couple is a little competitive because it got serious real quick.

As if a hayfight wasn’t enough, we decided that we wanted to create a scene on their front porch with a summer Texas rain feel with a setting sun. There was no sun at this point, and no rain either, but we did have waterhoses, ladders and flash gels to make the scene come to life. The camera stayed mostly dry. Steph and Kerstan also have this super cool kitchen with lots of kitschy flair, so we created another little mini-story of Stephanie cooking dinner for her hard working cowboy snoozing on the counter. He even brought her flower from the field.

Finally the sun did come out to play a sunset tune for us and we grabbed some warm blankets and headed to the pier above the stock pond to catch the last light of the day. We were happy to be in a place where we all could see and enjoy a great end to the day. Thanks to Stephanie and Kerstan for being such good actors in our little stories and for sharing their home with us. Looking forward to yalls wedding this July!






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