Sophisticloth: Commercial Fashion Shoot

Austin Fashion Bow Ties #4

Bow Ties she said, Fashion she said, See the world she said. Ok, Maybe not the last part. Val with Sophisticloth had a new challenge for us in shooting her new line of bow ties that incorporate vintage silk and organic materials. With these photos and video we wanted to show both close ups of the ties and the general look and mood of the guys that would buy them. We used the Long Center in Austin for it’s skyline view and for it’s glass and metal architecture. My favorite of the shoot is Ken against the dark green wall with a restricted light to set the mood of a modern upscale man.

We also utlized a friend’s condo in downtown Austin for a nightlife feel. I cribbed a light setup gleaned from reading Gregory Heisler’s 50 Portraits and used a green gel from below to anchor Charley into the scene with a believable light from below. My change to the setup was dragging the shutter significantly and adding movement to the photograph to give it more energy. I think I was around 1/8 of a second hand held and the motion is intentional.

Hope yall are enjoying our new website and expanded coverage of some of the work we produce. Let me know your favorites in the comments!

Austin Fashion Bow Ties #2

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