Sea Bride: Creative Portraiture in Austin

This project runs a little darker themed than our usual postings but it’s a story that has been in my head since I first heard the song “Sea Bride” by The Haunted Windchimes. Sometimes I just get stories in my mind that I have to tell. This one deals with a bride whose groom never returns from sailing. She waits for his return but realizes her love is lost so she leaves this world to join him. I know, like I said, a little darker theme from me, but I think the photos are awesome so whatcha going to do?

Thanks to my friends for making this notion turn into reality-ish. Beau from Flower Child with the bouquet, Amanda from 11:11 Events keeping us organized , Lizbeth and the PRO Makeup & Hair team for the look and feel of wind torn bride, and finally Naomi who braved some frigid temperatures and numbing water to let us capture these fantastic photographs. Almost forgot thanks to my old roomie Brian for mixing up our fake blood. Pro tip: don’t get the corn syrup in your lens, just sayin’.

“Sea Bride”
The sailor man is set to return on this day of wedded bliss
Rumor speaks and whispers The Tall Sailing ship is sunk
Promise not to tell

Sea Bride grips in grief to shell and sand
while tears and blood fall to the
same water and fate as she

Tossed to the sea at golden light
floating serenely to shore
The rocks and the lips run red






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