Scott: Swimming Senior Portraits


Scott presented us with a challenge to photograph his senior portraits underwater. Challenge: Accepted! We have tried to setup a Senior Experience like this for 3 years now so we were excited and nervous at the start of this session. Years of expectations and visions of the final photographs have been dancing in our heads for a while now. The actual shoot did not take place in our head though, for that we headed out to South Austin to the pool where Scott trains, the Austin Aquatics and Sport Academy run by Olympian Brendan Hansen.

Andrew and I divided up the shoot to maximize our limited pool time. Andrew took our underwater housing and photographed Scott from below the surface while I wrangled lights and concentrated on the above the surface photographs. We both played with strong orange/blue color combinations to mimic a strong sunset and cool tones of the water. Scott was a trooper and swam hard in 10 meter bursts for about a 1000 repetitions. Andrew and I are both super thrilled with how these photographs turned out and we hope that you enjoy them too.

Looking forward to following Scott’s progress as he heads up to Michigan to swim in college.

Let us know how we can photograph your Senior Experience!









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