Rogue Water Stop

Thursday Night was the Moonlight Margarita Run, the annual fundraiser for the Trail Foundation of Lady Bird Lake. For those not from Austin, the Trail is a 10 mile loop around Lady Bird Lake that is home to Austin’s Running Scene. Great Cause, Great Race, Interesting Time (8pm start), and Margarita’s at the finish.

Anyhow, My assignment was to cover the Rogue Running Water Stop, with the Clown Theme. Something about Rogue “nose” Running. I think Bo is upset, but once again I digress.

A water stop in and of itself is not that interesting. Throw in some late evening sunset and some clown noses, and the interest levels peak up some. I took it up one more notch with blur and panning shots. Hopefully, the fine folks at Rogue will find something useful.

Orange Calves

I have to mention Ruth’s calves for a minute (Ruth is one of the partners/founders of Rogue Running.) She wore some awesome long socks, that at one were orange and white, and now are more gray and orange. After putting them on, she says, “Wow they make my calves look huge.” Of course I took the picture.

So a fun hot night for a good cause was had by all.

I put a few images of runners up on my flickr – Here’s the LINK

Most of the images went up on Rogue’s Flickr Page

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