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Bold Wedding Photography and Cinematic Wedding Videography

AzulOx Visuals creates bold, cinematic stories. We capture your passion for one another, for life, on film.  From the surprise of engagement through the excitement of your wedding day, we deliver images and video that stands the test of time, and offer a glimpse into the lives of our subjects both as individuals and as a couple.  AzulOx preserves your special moments on both film and video, allowing you to bring your memories life over and over again.

McMurtrie Farms and Flower Child Design
Too many great pictures to share from last night. So I went the slideshow route for today’s post. Thanks to
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Emily’s Bridal – San Antonio
I am super excited! Now that Zac and Emily have gotten hitched, I can finally show off the bridals from
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The Wild Ride of a Weekend
It wasn’t Mr. Toads, but the last few days have been a journey for me, including the 768 miles I
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Zac and Emily – Austin Engagement Session
The last thing I posted was all about my workflow, lots of words, no pictures. Let us change that up
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Emily’s Bridal – San Antonio Bridal Photos
Emily’s Bridal Portraits went awesome Sunday’s in San Antonio. I was assisted by my longest-time friend, Russ. Emily brought along
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Georgetown Seniors – Chelsey H – Part Two
Chelsey and I met up again at Ramaker Stables in Leader, Texas. We had about an hour to knock out
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Snow in Texas
We live in Austin,Texas. We get to see snow on the Olympics and when we go Skiing in New Mexico
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