Morgan & Matt: Comic Book Engagements in Austin


We met Morgan at the Georgetown Bridal Show and instantly bonded over her Doctor Who themed T-shirt. We were destined to do an engagement shoot that combined her love of Doctor Who, Matt’s work in comic books and my own interest in all of the above. From the scale replica of Godzilla, (of which Matt is the illustrator for the comic book) to the plethora of sonic screwdrivers to the ultraman beta capsule we were in nerd heaven! Matt and Morgan even did the spray painting of the Bad Wolf at the Castle Hill Graffiti Wall, pretty awesome to have to 2 art majors on hand for spot spray painting duty.

For us at AzulOx we relish the chance to show off what makes a couple unique and then to exceed their expectations in delivering photographs and images that they will cherish. Thanks to Matt and Morgan for allowing us to craft a set of images that will stand apart from the crowd. This will go down as one of our most memorable engagement shoots! Can’t wait to be at yall’s wedding at the end of the month!




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