Megan & Shepherd: Wedding


Looks and Love. Megan and Shepherd are a couple who Look at each other and you can feel the Love they have to each other, how no matter the storms surrounding them they are their own island of happiness together.

The wedding itself took place at Vintage Villas in Austin, Texas on a day that was tempting to become a storm but like their love for each the storm clouds receded and the weather and day turned magnificent. Music and Dance filled the day from the harpist to the mano a mano dance off’s in this crowd of professional dancers. The music played and their bodies told the stories of the songs. Was something like photographing an music video with all the pops and locks the cool kids were doing. Shepherd even surprised his new bride with a musical serenade, that took courage!

Lots of fun touches on the night but my favorite was the sugar rush of a candy buffet they had during the reception. We felt that was a fun place to take a photograph of the wedding bands against the candied backdrop.

We even ended the night with one of our sparkler lit scenes seen in the photo above. And yes we did this in one shot. Mainly because that is all the sparklers we had left.

Congratulations to Shepherd and Megan, may all of your days be filled with Dancing, Music, Love and the Looks you give each other.

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