Linda: Senior Portraits


Linda is a soon to be graduate of Cedar Park HS preparing to play volleyball as a setter for the University of Missouri. We love working with athletes like Linda. Uncomfortable at first but with a bit of coaching and mirroring Linda was using her athlete knowledge to pose and move to produce some stunning results. Of course it helped that she could flash her big wattage smile on cue, much harder to get her NOT to smile!

We had a great time using just one light and only 2 locations to produce a variety of photographs for Linda and her family to choose from. We love to provide a diversity in our work in terms of lighting, styling and composition. We feel that this is one of our hallmarks as professional photographers is to provide stylish photographs with our clients inputs. Linda and her mother knew they wanted casual feeling photos so we spent the first hour getting open shade and ambient with a slight mix of our softbox to pop her from the frame just a bit. Linda told me she also wanted a more Urban feel to a few of the images. We popped over the Castle Hill graffiti wall to get harder, edgier more contrasty photographs that fit the scene and mood. We utilized harder light modifier and placed them at steeper angles for graffiti set.

When choosing us for your photographer be sure and let us know the feeling and style you are trying to exude, and then you can be a star like Linda.







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