Langley & Schurod: Austin Wedding at Texas Fed


Schurod & Langley were married at the historic Georgian Revival TFWC Mansion on a fine January Saturday for Central Texas. The air was crisp and cool, the sun was shining, and laughter could be heard throughout the day echoing off the red brick walls, especially if Schurod was near. The fabulous team from 11:11 Events coordinated this wedding. Always great to work with a team you know and trust. One of our favorite aspects of covering weddings is the family and cultural traditions that we get to witness. We saw the first “jumping the broom” that we have seen. There is an interesting history behind this tradition that you can read more about from Wikipedia.

Judging by Schurod’s smile he was the happiest man in Austin on Saturday night. Langley, much like my own wife, shakes her head and quietly smiles as their men bounce around the room. As always, use the comments to congratulate Langley & Schurod and let us know which photo is your favorite!









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