Kevin & Alyssa – Cold Comal, Warm Hearts

Holding Hands

Way number one to break the ice on an engagement shoot? Fall down the moss covered stairs of the Comal River while warning of the impending danger. Twice. Yep, even before our intrepid couple got in the water, yours truly had fallen into the water twice. Everything was downhill from there. ba dah bing!

Warm Embrace

We continue our theme of underwater photography with an Engagement session at the Comal River in New Braunfels, TX. It has been way too hot to photograph much in the record breaking heat so underwater seemed the place to go. The flowing Comal proved one challenge for me as it was deeper and faster than a swimming pool. We all got workouts treading water and swimming to the nearby steps. The other challenge is directing underwater, which is to say that all of your direction is done above the water line where voices and ears can be used. This to me has been the biggest challenge in underwater photography, coordinating actions and movements in the flow.

Mermaid and her ring

For a normal engagement session you can tell the happy couple to run over there and look interested in each other while the photographer shoots, chimps, adjust settings, changes lights, shoots some more and then move onto the next scene. Underwater? The process is more akin to – dive, hold your breath, press the heavy shutter button, click-click, rush up to air, chimp, blow your nose, and then retry the shot. The pace is quite different.


Kevin and Alyssa did superb though, and we could see them getting warmer and more into the process as the shoot went on. We are super excited to be photographing their San Antonio wedding in March. Let’s just hope I don’t make quite as many entrances as this one.


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  1. Hi Josh –
    This is a really interesting concept. I’m so proud of you for reaching out and trying new things! It’s really cool!

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