Kelly & John: Skateboarding Engagements


You know those whip smart guys whose sense of humor gets hard to follow because they are running 2 steps ahead of you? That’s John. And the lovable lady that puts up with him? Well that’s his soon to be wife Kelly. Put them together and we got one of the quirkier and most excellent engagement session in the South Austin neighborhood around Eureka Dr. that, as John told me, means I found it! For them, they found the loves of their lives and are perfectly matched for one another. Oh, and John skateboards so we had to shoot that as well. Before we got there though we utilized their front porch that serves as the meeting place for them and their neighbors and lost chickens apparently. The last place we visited was also a skate venue with super cool drainage culverts, old tunnels, and new trains rumbling overhead.

Thanks to John and Kelly for taking me on an adventure through the area, glad we could make a little magic happen for y’all!






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