Katie: Bridal Portraits at STEMS Austin


Seems like we have been on quite the bridal portrait roll this spring and Katie’s are another fantastic example of what we can do with a trusting bride, gorgeous flowers, a unique venue and a sprinkling of bluebonnets. The location is the tucked away production office of STEMS floral design in West Austin. They are also responsible for the florals of the bouquet and the wedding day (coming soon!). The Texas spring gave us an adequete day but a whole field of bluebonnets to throw couches around in for Katie to preen on (Katie isn’t really a preener, I bet she would prefer being on my side of the camera honestly) and when you look as good as she does, preening is what you should do! Getting away from myself a bit, but the best part of the day is Katie in her wedding gown. Sweet, funny and trusting of what I wanted to accomplish… such as standing on the meeting table in STEMS offices to incorporate the cool metallic ceiling.

Anyhow, we are lucky to have clients such as Katie enter our lives and we are happy to return the favor in a small way by going the extra mile to make these bridal portraits as unique and lovely as our brides. Congrats to you and Nick!





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