Katie & Adi: Beverly Hills Wedding

Beverly Hills Wedding5

Adi gets Katie. Katie with her dreams and quirks and details. Adi smiles, laughs, pulls her in close and off they go on an adventure. Makes our hearts warm to see couples so in tune with each other, on the the same wavelength. We met Katie and Adi two years ago at the rehearsal dinner for Ashley & Andrew and we had a pretty good idea then that this was a couple that would endure. Katie and I bonded over comic books and nerdy things almost instantly and we are proud to be her photographer.

Our general photographic stance for their Beverly Hills wedding was to photograph Katie & Adi as if they were movie stars and we were the paparazzi following them about. The Beverly Hills Four Seasons is an tres chic venue for such stalking. The culmination of this approach is the 15 minutes we were allowed to photograph atop the hotel on their helipad with panoramic views of Los Angeles. Coolest. Setting. Ever. I mean seriously, a helipad, always a first at every wedding!

The details were great, the ceremony was great, the band was great. And still, those all paled to the light that shines between Katie & Adi. He is a prince and she is a princess in their fairy tale. Not in the sappy way either, but in the fairy tale where they have each other’s back and with each other can take on any challenge in the world.

Special thanks to Tessa Lyn Events for running the day!

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