Kaitlyn: Liberty Hill Senior Portraits


Excited excited to be sharing the first set of Kaitlyn’s Senior Portraits from Antebellum Oaks. We have big plans for parts 2 and maybe 3 if the Texas weather ever cooperates. Kaitlyn wanted something different from the norm and knew that we could deliver on her ideas that started with classic portraits and ended with an antebellum picnic reading classic books.

Kaitlyn is exactly the type of client we love, she has stalked our website for years now, knew all the crazy things we have done in the past and we are planning to top a few of those concepts for parts 2 and 3. She rides a horse named Dancing in the Rain if that gives you an idea of where we are headed.

Special Thanks to Adrian with Revelry Beauty for the three looks and a huge thanks to Antebellum Oaks for being gracious hosts!











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  1. YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!! Love that you’re reading a book:) my fav, though, is the one where you are looking to the side while holding a branch of leaves:)

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