Joe & Misti: Engagements at Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza


Special locations add another dimension to environmental portrait photography. Joe & Misti decided on using the picturesque area around the horse farm that they volunteer at on weekends near Stanley’s Farmhouse Pizza and the Jester King Brewery. We could feel the excitement that Joe & Misti felt for this place that is close to their hearts and that shows through in the photographs. The positive feedback of a sense of place combined with the way Joe looks at Misti’s eye made for a memorable engagement session. And now we want to go back and taste the pizza at Stanley’s!

Our horse model for the day was a nice blue-eyed paint that had never seen green grass before in it’s entire life (sarcasm intended). Everytime we got the shot framed, and the light just right down went the horses head for bite of delicious grass. We all laughed, got the photographs that we could and then moved on the scenic barn and little touches that Stanley’s has to offer. I loved the blue sunflower gate and the way the setting sun was streaming through. The Airstream your see in the background is not just decoration but also the restrooms for the clientele. The rustic hill country vibe suited this couple so much, it is hard to believe they are getting married on the black sand beaches of Hawaii. Yes I asked, no they won’t take me with them!

Thanks to Misti & Joe for sharing their special place with us!






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