Happy Hour Rain and Movie Posters

Austin Rain

Trying to keep up with video, photo and post production work over the last few days, figured I would update my 3 fans on the ongoings of AzulOx photo.

First, let me say thanks to Paul Riley (www.plriley.com) for designing me an awesome new logo that I will be soon incorporating into my products. Wish Paul luck as he moves to Atlanta to continue his photo education.

Second, I got to meet Desiree Ficker on Friday (“www.desireeficker.com) at the Rogue Happy Hour/Got Guts 5k Packet Pickup.
Desiree Ficker at RoguEQ
Got Guts is a race that raises awareness for Celiac Disease, so all the products and sponsors were gluten-free. The beer was RedBridge, a nice gluten free beer. Desiree was there to give people a taste of some cookies she is creating that are gluten-free. If you have a creative name for her products, send them her way on her website.

I took stills and video at the event and most are posted on the Rogue’s Flickr Page.

Sunday, Me and my lovely bride/assistant went down to a friends house to shoot some Save the Date cards for our friends. The cool part is they wanted some Bollywood-style movie poster recreations. I was more than happy to oblige.

Monday was a long day of editing the Happy Hour and the Movie shots, so it was a welcome relief on Tuesday to go out and take pictures in the rain in downtown Austin. For one, we don’t get much rain down here. Our lakes are 60-80 below normal, and the Sometimes Islands are all the time these days.

Met up with Geoff of Hammondovi Photography and his brother David. Geoff does a lot of work for iStockPhoto so I wanted to get a feel for how he shoots for them. I wanted to grab people off the street and take some candids. So we did both. I assisted him (held the flash) for his shots and he returned the favor on mine.

As we were wrapping up, got a call from a buddy to meet up for lunch, so ran over to Halcyon Coffee Bar where I had a lovely pannini and my favorite shot of the day.

Austin Rain

This week I will be doing more things for Rogue and then a maternity shoot early next week.

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  1. I like randompeople shots.

    Maybe you already do, but if you don’t, you should consider carrying cards and giving them to people when you take their shot randomly. Of course, then that requires that you actually put their picture up on flickr (or wherever). But it’s a good way to get your name out. Especially if you do those little tiny photocards.

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