Haide & Manny: Dolores Hidalgo, Mexico Engagements Part 1

Dolores Hidalgo Engagements
Let me introduce yall to Haide and Manny. You are going to be seeing several blog posts about this couple. We all just returned from a 5 day road trip to Central Mexico to photograph Haide’s Bridal Portraits at a 400 year old Hacienda and to photograph their Engagement portraits in Dolores Hildalgo and Guanajuato. The other part to the We is Andrew Fritz, our partner in picture taking. Will be sharing some of his work on the facebook page when he gets back. A big thanks to the Gonzalez family for hosting us and showing us the best Torta places in Las Trancas!

Timeline wise this session took place on the evening after we photographed her bridal portraits. Dolores Hildalgo is the town in Mexico where Father Hildalgo gave his Grito to kick off the Mexico battle for Independence from Spain and Guanajuato is the site of the first battle to give you a sense of place, time and history.

Anyhow, Dolores Hidalgo is a town of about 50,000 residents with beautiful and historic churches and a ceramic industry. The walls of the town are painted with a variety of colores and textures, more so than any American town I have seen. As photographers we are always seeking out color and texture and Dolores was almost too much to handle. We could have probably taken photographs on any street corner. So instead of chasing color and texture we chased the sunlight to give us shape and dimension. Of course along the way we had to stop for some street corner ice cream and all the unique flavors from different fruits and alcohols. Best way to shoot in my opinion was with the Bacardi pineapple ice cream in one hand and the camera in another!

Next week we hope to share the session from Guanajuato which is the town partially responsible for AzulOx getting it’s name!
Dolores Hidalgo Engagements 2SM

Dolores Hidalgo Engagements 3SM

Dolores Hidalgo Engagements 4SM

Dolores Hidalgo Engagements -5SM

Dolores Hidalgo Engagements 6SM

Dolores Hidalgo Engagements 10SM

Dolores Hidalgo Engagements 11SM

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