Haide: Bridal Portraits from Hacienda Las Trancas, Mexico


Excited to share this set of bridal portraits from our Mexican Road Trip summer adventure. If you follow our blog you would remember Haide & Manny’s engagement sessions in Dolores Hidalgo & Guanajuato, and today we get to share the bridal portraits from the 400 year old Hacienda Las Trancas in the village of Las Trancas outside of Dolores Hildalgo.

The hacienda sits across the soccer field from Haide’s parents house in Las Trancas. Our first morning there we walked over and asked if we could shoot portraits inside the Hacienda. No was the answer. We then traveled to Dolores Hildalgo to watch some World Cup soccer/futbol and scout for the rest of the trip. As the American game reached halftime and our breakfast plate delivered we got word that yes we could photograph at the Hacienda in a 2 hour window from 1pm-3pm. Scramble mode activated! Haide went off in search of hair and makeup in the local shops, Manny, Andrew and I went looking for a florist. After three versions of a bridal bouquet in a second language we ran back to get Haide and back to Las Trancas!

Inside the historic Hacienda was everything you could ask for in a portrait location. Gorgeous light, interesting textures, manicured gardens. We could have shot there for 2 weeks instead only 2 hours to cover a few of our favorite locations inside. We worked quickly and surely with one speedlight, one 24 inch softbox and one reflector to capture this set. Haide, as always, is stunning to photograph and this session was no different. We have built up a rapport over the years (Starting with her HS Senior Portraits!) that allowed us to get what we wanted in a short time period.

We hope you enjoy this set of photographs, we certainly had an amazing time photographing them. Let us know how we can fulfill your photographic dreams!






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