Far From Since When

Cover for Album

We had the opportunity to photograph the band Far From Since When (website | youtube channel | facebook page) a few weeks back in a killer location somewhere near Boerne, Texas. The shoot was for the cover art and the inside ledes of their upcoming EP, “To Feel”, as well as for their new website and promotional materials. The project was great for me because Candice, the lead singer, had a strong visual vision. The collaboration in phone calls and emails allowed us to produce what I feel is very strong imagery.

The main image above is from a sketch that Candice provided me. The light setup was inspired by Brad Trent. There is a huge 86 inch umbrella behind me providing the fill while a beauty dish was held by my assistant standing on a ladder angled sharply down. I love the way the shadows are legible while the highlights pop out. I am angling towards this type of lighting for more of my photographs.

All these picture frames, what do you see

The entire session was inspired by a feel of melancholy, a sense that everything is not quite right. Our lighting was an attempt to create that feel and mood of less than perfect in response to those feelings. The set pieces also helped to marry that idea. I think we had 100 picture frames strung between trees and more in an old suitcase. The image to me is asking, where do our memories go in the sunset of our lives? What does it say to you?

At the end

Go check out their website where you can see more of our images! And listen to the youtube videos, Candice’s voice will blow you away!


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