Emily and Joseph: Austin Style Wedding at Mercury Hall

Bride takes the plunge at Barton Springs

We can get used to the idea of Brunch Weddings. Emily & Joey tied the knot and took the plunge at Mercury Hall and then Barton Springs, literally took the plunge! (scroll down to the bottom if you don’t believe us). The wedding was full of Austin flavor. Pink flamingos surrounded and attacked the couple throughout the day. Hops & Grain and Austin Beerworks beer was there to keep everyone nice and cool along with many mimosas. Tiny Pies with their big bursts of flavor in tiny packaging. The secluded and chic Mercury Hall provided the backdrop to the days festivities. And pancakes! More weddings definitely need to have pancakes for brunch.

And yes, after the wedding we had a bit more Austin fun. We all headed over to Barton Springs where we had a bouquet toss with complete strangers and then Emily & Joey leaped hand in hand in into the icy waters of Barton Springs in front of clapping and cheering friends, family and well-wishing strangers.

Congratulations to Emily & Joey and all their Austin vibes!

Bride getting ready at Mercury Hall

Instant wedding pictures on mirror frame.

Bridal Boquete on Rustic Chairs

Tiny Wedding Dinasaurs with Cactus.

Grooms Boutonnière.

Mom pinning the boutonnière on the groom.

Ceremony under the oak trees at Mercury Hall.

Attack of the Flamingos.

Flamingos at an Austin Style Wedding.

Delicious Tiny Pies.

His and Her Wedding Rings

A Quiet Moment During the Reception.

A Flamingo Exit.

Couple Taking the Plunge at Barton Springs

Underwater Wedding Bouquet.

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  1. As a Yankee I never realized how “Austin” this beautiful wedding and delicious brunch were. Love seeing pictures of Barton Springs as we didn’t make it there.

  2. I’m just glad she didn’t jump in the water with that gorgeous dress! *spoiler alert* And everything else looked so cute or fun or delicious. 🙂

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