Dominique: Elgin High School Senior 2014

Dom Elgin High School Senior Portrait #-1

Perfect fall in Texas day to photograph Dom’s Senior Portraits. From the start at Waterloo Records to the finish at the Lamar pedestrian bridge where we could hear the ending to ACL we had a super good time and managed to make a few interesting photographs along the way. The start at Waterloo had meaning because it was the first place Dominique drove herself in Austin from Elgin, how fitting a start. We browsed CD’s and Vinyl records and made a few snaps to showcase where we were. The light was doing fun things outside that made it feel like California and carefree. That’s the second image in the post, made in the parking lot of Waterloo to curious onlookers.

From Waterloo we made the short drive over to the Castle Hill graffiti walls. I love the variability of textures and wall art because every time we go to take portraits the walls are different. Had a fun jaunt up to the top to get the skyline photo, fun trek with a big light! Dom had told me that her favorite colors are black and red and wouldn’t you know it, we got a red robot to go with Dom’s black outfit and Matthew McConaughey’s visage imploring us to keep Austin weird. Got it, Matt.

The last scene is all from the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge. We really enjoyed trying to get the feel of commotion and energy of the bridge while Dominique stood still and composed. Helped that the crowd was departing the third day of ACL as the sun was setting.

Really fun shoot for us as Dominique’s personality and ours are both slightly off-center. She gave us the freedom to explore the type of photographs that we really enjoy making. Tell Dom how great she looked in the comments!


Dom Elgin High School Senior Portrait #-2

Dom Elgin High School Senior Portrait #-3

Dom Elgin High School Senior Portrait #-4

Dom Elgin High School Senior Portrait #-6

Dom Elgin High School Senior Portrait Blog#-233

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