Deepak & Yogini: Austin Engagements


Sunrise engagment sessions? I think I am starting to dig the concept. Beat the crowds, play with good light and work off the green tea buzz. Our morning with Deepak & Yogini started at what should be sunrise except with this fickle Texas weather we never saw the sun, but we did see rain at the end. But now I am getting ahead of myself. We mimicked a sunrise with a orange gelled flash on a stick to get a feel in our photographs that didn’t exist in the hazy, overcast drizzly morning. Started up at Jo’s Coffee, home of the famous “I love you so much” sign that gets all the attention. We took a different angle and approach to the wall to place more of the emphasis on Deepak & Yogini.

From Jo’s we ran around South Congress for a bit before heading over to the Lamar Pedestrian bridge. Felt like we had some good lines and graphicness to our set here and was really working the groove and then poof! the clouds opened up and we grabbed a few backlit shots while an amtrak cruised in the background. Crazy timing on that one. Didn’t have my scuba gear so we ended on a positive wet note.

Show Deepak & Yogini some love and wish them well for their fusion wedding in April!






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