Death to the Dress: Creative Fusion Portraits

Death to the Dress: A Trash the Dress Session where the Dress leaves no evidence.


This session is a bit hard to explain. It’s one part pinup session, one part trash the dress, one part catharsis, and 5 parts fun. The evolution of divorce isn’t the most fun topic to discuss but Chelsea closed one chapter of her life with a smirk on her face and is anxious to start the next adventure in life. I can’t think of a more fun way to transition than a photoshoot with us!


We have fusion in the title, because our team was shooting stills and motion at the same time, especially during the fire portion. We have been using LED panels more and more, and our panels from FotoVideo allowed us to film and photograph at the same time without the strobe effect showing up in the video. The other bonus was focusing ability in the fading sunlight. And how about a big hand to Austin, our magic man on the Mark 2! How fun is that video? I keep expecting a T-1000 to enter the frame at some point.


Our mayhem crew of Lecia Harkins and her assistant Jenny from Austin Beauty on the Go did a fabulous job on the mod hair and makeup. And a big thanks to Anthony at Angel Springs Event Center for allowing our mischief to occur at his venue. (We also had a volunteer firefighter on set, thanks Jim!)


Let us know how we can help fulfill your vision. I promise we will all have fun.

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