Cindy & David’s Green Pastures Wedding First Glance

A Texas Gal gets married

David and Cindy got married last night at the beautiful Green Pastures. A beautiful celebration and ceremony of two families becoming one family. Laughter, especially Cindy’s, could be heard all night throughout the halls of the historic restaurant. The ceremony itself was a blending of two faith’s with a Jewish Rabbi and a Presbyterian Minister alternating passages and traditions.

Thanks to Daniel at D&H Stage Lighting for providing us with enough lumens to document the ceremony. The bride and bridesmaids look as lovely as they do in part to Sally the Makeup Artist from Aveda.

The Venue - Green Pastures. It's the place to be

Cindy & David - January 7th, 2012

Father and Daughter/Patriarch and Bride

Chinese Lanterns set the mood for the after sunset ceremony

No Room for Hulas in this Chuppa (pronounced Hoopa, makes the caption funny, see Cindy is laughing)

Mr. & Mrs. David Thompson

First Dance as Man and Wife

Des makes fun of David in her maid of honor speech

Twirl, Twirl, Whirl

A Lavish Lavender Leaving Late into the Night

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