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We have not been posting too much of our Commercial work lately. Mainly because we are in the process of setting up a different blog/website for those ventures. Thought it would be cool to see some of the sports/fitness/corporate work we have been doing for CG Arena though. Our imagery has been used all through their websites and marketing campaigns to produce a feel of edge and newness to what they do, which is group fitness in a gym. Very Social, slightly Different take on the traditional Gold’s, 24 Hour type place. We are slightly different too and have been good partners in this way.

Quick breakdown of our lighting setups. For the headshots, we have a speedlight with a red gel firing onto the background wall (it’s normally gray). The main light is an AlienBee with a sport reflector with a 15 degree grid providing the hard edged light from the left with a quick falloff down the torso. The red is a color element we have used in the past and is the dominant color in their Marketing materials so we felt it was appropiate to key it in.

For the more action-y images we had the same basic setup of cross lit lights, this time though with a yellow gel (Straw Amber I believe) to tie in to past photos we have done. For these also went with out grid to keep the action in the spotlight to let the trainers do their thing. Having to plan for a variety of trainers from yoga to hip hop dance we prefer the zone lighting for speed.

Further on that thought. Our plan was preparing for 90 minutes and 12 trainers in 10 minute increments. We setup a headshot station that Josh was photographing and then an action section with Austin on the camera. This provided quick changing ability for looks and feel while providing the client with less fees and hassle. This solution also was respectful to the trainers knowing they would be done in 10 minutes and not having to stand around and wait while every one cycled through. A win for everyone involved!

We will keep everyone posted on the new commercial site, it might be a month or two before it’s live. In the meantime expect a few more commercial posts while we wait.








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