Maximizing Your Wedding Photography Sessions

Our goal for your wedding day related photography is to have an unique engagement session, a bridal portrait session with meaning, and fun filled day of wedding photographs. Let’s talk about the approach to maximizing your Wedding related photography sessions.

Engagements are up first because I think they are the building blocks to a successful wedding day. A good engagement session will not only produce fantastic photos of you and your soon to be spouse but will also accomplish the task of building a working relationship with your photographer. The importance of the working relationship can not be overstated because communication of ideas is at the root of successful wedding day photos. Our conversation really starts with the pre-session interview where we find out more about your hobbies and interests as a couple. We take those ideas and spin them into themes for your engagement session so they are more than just “pretty couple in a field” type photographs.

Success! Indy Schwant and Dana the Lounge Singer together!

3 more guidelines to help plan your engagement session
– Allot 45 minutes to 1 hour per location/outfit change
– Start formal in appearance and work towards casualness
– Beware of “Death by Pinterest”. Pinterest is great for setting the mood and inspiration but don’t overwhelm your photographer with a Pinterest Greatest Hits.

We love shooting bridal portraits outside of the wedding day for several reasons. First, they allow the wedding day to be less stressful. Second, bridal portraits are a great time to give your hair & makeup and florals a photographic test before the wedding day. And thirdly, we can do them in a place that has meaning to you to create a timeless treasure. A Bridal portrait session is also a great chance for your maid of honor or bridal party to help out with your dress and bouquet and support you.

Camp Lucy Bridal Portraits

And for the grand finale let’s talk through ways to maximize your photographic time on Your Wedding Day. First, include the photographer in the wedding day timeline discussion. We might need more or less time for certain shots and can give you suggestions when planning the day. This is a great example of where the working relationship with the photographer plays a huge role! Second, Stay in the Moment on your wedding day. Never feel like you have to pose or smile for the camera. Let everything come naturally and we will get the natural smiles and reactions of the day. Lastly, for family portraits, whittle down the list to your top ten combinations. That let’s us know which ones are most important and we will get them done first. We usually have time for more but it’s a great starting point for family portraits.


Bonus Tip: Emote through your eyes during the first dance and reduce talking. It will lead to amazing photographs without you looking like a guppy.

So that’s it! The AzulOx way to making your Wedding Photography sessions the best they can be!

2013 Official Lysts on the Lake Photo Package


We will be covering all of the Jousting Groups plus the Chivalric Equitation obstacle course and Melee a’Cheval. We will also be available for stylized portrait sessions on Thursday and Friday.

Portrait Availability (Will be Updated):
Thursday: 9:00 – 9:30
Thursday: 12:00 – 12:30
Thursday: 12:30 – 1:00
Thursday: 1:00 – 1:30

Friday: 9:00 – 9:30
Friday: 12:00 – 12:30
Friday: 12:30 – 1:00
Friday: 1:00 – 1:30
Friday: 6:00 – 6:30
Friday: 6:30 – 7:00

$150 – Unlimited Digital Downloads from our 2013 Lysts Galleries
$200 – Unlimited Digital Downloads + 30 Minute Portrait Session

Use the PayPal button below to make your choice. First come, first serve on the scheduling of the Portrait Sessions.

Select Quantity

For reference, here are our last 2 Lysts on the Lake Galleries:
2011 Lysts on the Lake Photos
2012 Lysts on the Lake Photos

Precision Tune Pflugerville: Commercial


We love being the go to photographers in our mid sized community of Pflugerville, just outside of Austin, Texas. We have developed good business relationships with other small businesses in Pflugerville through our hard working Chamber of Commerce. One of those contacts is Jason from Precision Tune Auto Care. A hardworking standup community guy and a great place to take your vehicle for repair, we have been doing so for the last 4 years. It is really a pleasure to turn our cameras and lights on regular guys working hard everyday, especially those not used to the spotlight. Jason’s staff at Precision Tune gave us full reign over shooting and lighting and we did our best to make sure they looked like the super mechanic’s that they are. We were inspired in our group shot to go after a Pawn Stars look and pay homage to an inspiring photographer of mine, Joey L.

For those interested in lighting and such, the team shot above was four lights working against an underexposed sky. A big octabox was the key light boomed above my head. A hard light to the right was illuminating the company logo. A bare speedlight was behind the group to provide edge, and a yellow gelled speedlight was in the office to lighten it up as well. We processed in LR4 with lots of clarity. Clarity is great for tough guys, not so much for babies or brides. No bride wants to look like Clint Eastwood on her big day.

These photographs are a good sample of how we can provide a good image library for your small business. Contact us so that we can help you look your best.





2012 Lysts on the Lake Photo Package

The Lysts on the Lake 2012 is getting underway soon so don’t miss your chance to save money on this year’s digital photo packages! New for 2012 includes the option of purchasing a team photo package. See last year’s photos here

The prices for this year after May 13th:
Individual $150 – 20 Digital Downloads
Team $450 – 100 Digital Downloads

If you purchase a package before May 13th, 2012 you will receive an early bird discount.
Individual $125 – 20 Digital Downloads -Save $25!
Team $400 – 100 Digital Downloads -Save $50!

To take advantage of the early bird discount
Use the paypal button below and select either Individual or Team. After the purchase, you will receive a code to use during checkout

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Katie & Sean – Wedding Preview

The happy couple at the atrium

Katie & Sean became the Jackson family on Friday and we had the privilege of covering their beautiful wedding at Angel Springs Event Center in Georgetown. You might remember their Engagements from the blog , but if you don’t here is a quick refresher. Sean is active duty Army in the Air Artillery. I believe his words were, “I shoot 8 to 9 foot missiles”. That was enough to impress me. In a month’s time he is shipping off to Kuwait for a year. How is that for a honeymoon period? I can never stress enough how thankful I am for the sacrifices made by our military.
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Kara & Joe – Engaged and Dreaming

Locked in Love

So we save the steamiest of our underwater photography sessions for last. Kara and Joe have become recently engaged and no amount of cold water will dampen the fires that burn for each other. My scuba goggles fogged up more than once…

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California Travels

Golden Golden Gate Bridge

Took the family out to San Jose to visit the newest addition of our brood. Spent a week in San Jose with day trips to Santa Cruz and San Francisco. The low humidity and lower temperatures made for an excellent summer getaway for these Texans. Didn’t spend a whole lot of time making pictures outside of babies doing cute things. But we did manage a few.
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Lysts on the Lake – Wrap-up

Lysts on the Lake was a huge photographic success. We worked some long hours to bring you all the action from Thursday through Sunday. Remember to check the Facebook page for up to the minute updates. From early morning jousting lessons of an astronaut to late night dinners, with wooden tip blasting, dagger fighting, and a fun band that kept the beat to the action.

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Texas Independence Day – 2nd Annual 18.36% Off Sale

In Celebration of Texas Independence Day March 2nd, AzulOx Photography is proud to offer 18.36% off of their packages and sessions.

The awesome deal expires at 11:59pm on Tuesday, March 2nd, 2011.

Call us, text us, tweet us, FB message us, blog comment us with the phrase “Remember the Alamo” to get your discount.

Sessions must be scheduled between now and the end of April 30th, 2011.

Now Drink some Lone Star and eat your Tex-Mex like a true Texican with the savings you earned Today!

Lysts on the Lake – Photo Package

AzulOx Photography is proud to team up with a’Plaisance Ltd, the Executive Producer of the Lysts on the Lake to offer complete photo coverage of the Lysts on the Lake

We will be there taking photographs from Tuesday’s Practice through Sunday’s last event covering all the exciting action and the chivalric moments in between.

Photo Package$100
– Personalized Online Photo Gallery
– 20 Free full resolution digital downloads
– 50% off of Print Orders
– Action Shots
– Formals and Headshots during VIP events

See examples from last year’s event

This price of $100 will jump to $150 after the event is over, so lock in your price now!

Use the Paypal button below to order your photo package:

Ox and Ham Present – Learn to Love: Lighting

Ox and Ham, otherwise known as Josh and Geoff, will be facilitating a lighting workshop in Georgetown, Texas on the last week of January. The workshop will have 2 instructors and 10 students for an ideal hands on approach by all involved. We will be focusing on getting your flashes off of your camera to learn how to create drama with lights. Day one will cover basics to advanced inside the studio with models, and Day two will take the gear outside to focus on sports and portraits in ambient light.
Take your lighting skills to the next level to improves sales and to fulfill your imaging vision.

Disdain. Can your popup flash do this?

Hands On 2 day lighting workshop taking you from the first steps of moving your flash off camera to building the skillset to light anything, anytime.

Who: Advanced Amateur to Working Pro looking to get their flash off camera and working for them.
What: 2 Day Hands On, Small Class Size, Lighting workshop with 4 live photoshoots
When: Saturday and Sunday January 29th and 30th in Georgetown, Texas
Why: Learn to create the images and photographs you have seen in magazine and books. Learn how to fulfill your vision of a photograph with an on-camera flash just won’t quite cut it.
How: Sign up Below. Only a few spots left

Sign up Now!

Scenic Hawaii – Photo Roundup

Home now, and in front of my normal editing station. Going through 3000 or so images that I took during the Hawaii Ultraman assignment, and made sure to pull some good sunset shots and others that show off the varied beauty of the Big Island. I will do another post on women’s winner Amber Monforte in the next few days, she set a World Record of 1 hour and 40 minutes off a 20 year old record. For now, lets look at the pretty pictures of coastlines, Kohala Pass, and sunsets.

First Morning in Kona, got lost, but found this

Across from Lava Java

Sunset from the Hertz rent car parking lot.

Rain on my vacation Parade

Kayak Colors

Palm Trees and the Sky

Gary Wang and his stand up paddler guide

Green Hills in the Lava Field

Road to the Double Rainbow at Volcano National Park

Cows in Paradise. Up at the Kohala Pass

Sunrise from the Hotel Window

— JB

Hawaii Day 2 – Ultraman

Day Two started with a walk on the pier and a phone call with the wife. Then over to Lava Java for the needed caffeine and camaraderie. Athlete registration at the Outrigger Hotel, a mini-road trip with John, portraits back at the hotel, a screening of Bicycle Dreams (about RAAM), and then dinner at Kona Brew Pub for the third night in a row. Endurance athletes like their routines.

And now for the pictures

Sunrise at the Pier on Day Two

The Pier in Kailua on Day Two

Not a Tree that you would find in Texas. Alii Drive in Kailua

Mike De Roux going for his morning swim

Brazillian Competitor showing me his game face

Leslie Z. one of the crew members. Here at the Outrigger Hotel

A pound of Coffee from Lions Gate Farm. Shown here with the owner Suzanne at the Outrigger Hotel

Again, here are the athlete bio’s for the 2010 Ultraman Championship

Be sure to check out the Lions Gate Farms coffee page too

And we are off, Happy Thanksgiving!

Creative Folk – A Ramble deleted

Ivy K on the rusty bridge

I started to write a long and rambling post about the details of meeting a cool new person and the ramifications of such.

Instead of slogging through that read I will leave the photographers that read this blog with a simple message and a few photographs.

The message: Get out from behind the desk, meet new people, especially those with crazy ideas, and take pictures. Good things will happen.

SpiderWoman climbs a bridge

Looking forward to making quirky images with Ivy. This week’s creative person met and photographed.

Quirky Scary Face


Street Corner in Chelsea

For those that follow the AzulOx on Facebook, you might know that I spent the past weekend in New York photographing the ING NYC Marathon for brightroom. The right mix of work, prep and play made for an awesome 48 hours in the big apple. Flew in Saturday afternoon, Flew out Monday evening, allright, so it was 53 hours.

Saturday, brief recap: weird memories from LAG, gear check, pounding headache, team meeting, plaques and lanyards, pounding headache, beef stew, pounding headache, sleep.

Quite possibly the worst headache I have had in 5 years. Luckily I wound easy, but heal fast.

Sunday, brief recap: Dunkin Donuts, Gear Setup, Ladder, clicka-clicka-clicka-clicka-clicka-Jared from Subway-clicka-clicka-clicka-Al Roker-clicka, Hotel Bar

The Highline

Monday is the fun day. 7 of us headed back into the city for a day of adventures. Morning subway commute, then breakfast at a dive for some bagels and lox. Free Starbucks through some HSBC giveway, sleet on my nose, random Salvador Dali in the Columbus Circle mall, off to Times Square and then to B&H Photo and Video, camera man nirvana. Picked up a couple of things, grabbed a lamb gyro from a street cart outside of Madison Square Garden and then poof! everyone else had to head back to catch their flights. But not me, I was alone in one of the biggest cities in the world on a windy, sleeting, day-after-the-marathon, kind of day.

The Statue

So I roamed.

Exploration is hampered by concrete goals. And thus I wandered from MSG to Chelsea trying to figure out where to get on the highline walking path, made a few wrong turns, ended up finally finding a stairwell that led to the old subway line, walked the length of that and then found myself in Greenwich Village snapping photos all the while. My now trusty 5dII on my Rapid Strap tucked inside my ski jacket, remember wind and sleet, capturing the afternoon for me. From Greenwich I scampered down to the financial district. Wall Street, Stock Exchange, Federal Hall, Staten Island Ferry, Battery Park, and then a hustle to catch my flight, riding the subway again in rush hour headed back to Queens to catch the bus to La Guardia.

Staten Island Ferry

I realize this post is very stream of consciousness, it’s just that there isn’t really a narrative and I am not exactly sure where I went. I walked to vignettes that looked interesting, lost in my own thoughts, aware that the streets were very empty for a weekday, and made images where I could.

Hope you enjoy the images, I had the experience in capturing them

See them all Here

First Day with Canon 5d II – Matador Football – Seguin, Texas

Pink and Black and Gold

My new camera came in from Canon on Friday. One of the advantages of the new machine is the gain in low light shooting situations, and what is lower light that Friday Night Lights? Not much, the blend of action stopping shutter speed and funky tungsen/halogen/flourescent lighting with reflective green surfaces and black uniforms? Yeah pressure cooker for new camera.

Recovered in the end zone for a quick score, ugh...

7 to nothing in a blink

The Matadors were playing host to rival San Marcos on Friday, and the game started out with the strangest play. A brisk north wind carried the opening squib kick bouncing around and over the Matador players arms and heads, ending up in the end zone where San Marcos recovered for a touchdown without any time expiring off the clock. 7-0 San Marcos.

QB Erlich? led the team on big scoring drives running and passing

That touchdown proved to be the only score of the night for the Rattlers, as the Matador defense and offense provided the final tally of 35-7.

Some of the Family together

The game also marked the first time where my mother, sisters and I had all attended in a long while. Good to see everyone that we ran into, Shane, Chelsea, Noel and Denise, Mitch, the Kiels, you know who you are…

Chelsea Cheering with pink pom poms

Band! Trumpet and Horns


Patch of Open Space

Most of these were photographed at iso 3200 to 6400 iso, and they proved to be quite usable! I am thrilled with the early returns of this camera. The viewfinder is amazing to look through (small thing, big difference), the high iso ability opens up new worlds of lighting, and the menu’s are just like my 50D so no learning curve. Excellent!

And finally, GO MATS!

All of the images are here to view

— JB

Pflugerville Pfamily Expo – October 2010

A gorgeous sunrise kicked off Saturday morning’s Pflugerville Pfamily Expo. This event bring in families from the Pflugerville area for a chance to meet with local businesses. The event had helicopters come in from various organizations, choir performaces, tae kwon do exhibtions, pet adoption and an appearance by a local SWAT unit. Everything an 8 year old loves!

I setup my booth a little early and then ran around taking a few snaps of everyone else setting up.

Very Cool Booth Setup

Layout for the Tables in our Tent

The AzulOx Photography booth was conveniently placed closely to Chelsea from McMurtrie Farms and by Lee Ann from Lee Ann’s Cakes. We had a little wedding vendor triangle going on. I am still a little nervous before events like this, so it was good to have some seasoned pro’s next to me. Our table featured some big prints that are normally displayed at Flower Child Design, and we sprinkled in some new products from MpixPro such as a Leather Assembled album of Senior Portraits, lots of metallic prints, and new business cards featuring brand new imagery.

Sunset at Sunrise

We had a lot of fun bringing out the prop hats, scarves and boas with a small softbox to make an impromptu photo booth! The kids had a blast getting their Captain Jack Sparrow on in the silly pirate hat. Some adults were a little hesitant at first, but most got into the groove once they saw how much fun the kids were having.

Strama for Pirate Captain

Chelsea says Arggggh!

Thanks to all the families who came out to visit with us, we are looking forward to working with you very soon.

All of the Pirate Hat photos are located in my gallery here.