Joe Thorne: IronMan

Joe on the Bike

Today we are featuring a trio of photographs that star Joe Thorne, a soon to be pro card triathlete. We are working with Joe to create a portfolio of images for his website and this post looks at his bike work. We will be scheduling some pool (yes, underwater) time soon, and then maybe a few on the run as well to get a full complement of bold images for him to use to attract sponsors. If you are a sponsor reading this, please sponsor Joe! And if you are an athlete or sports minded company, let us know how we can improve your portfolio of photography.

Feels Good!

Just had a photo published in a RunnersWorld Blog by Lisa Jhung about Ian Sharman breaking the course record at the Rocky Raccoon 100 miler in Huntsville this past weekend.

Here is a screenshot.

Trail Head Blog

The same image made it into’s race coverage and to race coverage at

To get this image, I had two strobes firing into each to create a zone of light for the runners to enter. I laid on the ground sideways shooting from a super low angle. Tech specs were something like 1/250th, iso100, f5.6. The backlight was gelled blue and the front light gelled orange. WB was shifted to about 4500k.

Anyhow, just a woo hoo! moment for me in that I get to check off a bucket list photography goal. Next to make it into the print magazine, and then Sports Illustrated!

Jeff & Cheri (&Rocky sometimes) – Engagement Photos – Walnut Creek Park, Texas

Jeff, Cheri and I have met on the running trails of Texas, usually with them running really long distances, and me taking lots and lots of photographs. We got together recently for some engagement photos that show off one of their favorite spots to run, Walnut Creek Park, with their dog – Rocky.

This crazy couple is also throwing a trail marathon event on the day before their wedding. You can check out “Race to the Altar” for more info.

We will be covering their wedding and trail marathon in March, can’t wait to post some of those photos too!

Rocky, really wanting to go running and not so much taking pictures

Jeff & Cheri, happily in love on a cool winters eve

Cheri's Calves after running 5 marathon plus distances in 5 weeks

Jeff and Cheri, on the trails in Walnut Creek Park

Robert Hillery – Ultraman, Marine

Raise your hand if you have ever wanted to run a marathon? Large group of you I am sure.
How about a double marathon? Smaller group, but I know of a lot of you who race 50 and 100 milers.
Keep your hand up if you want to run a double marathon at the end of a three day race featuring 6.2 miles of swimming, 261 miles of biking, and 52.4 miles of running? Not too many of you left, less than 500 people in the world have completed such a race.

Now add a large 20 lb. American flag to the run portion to honor your fellow Marines by raising money for the Wounded Warrior Project. The only person left raising his hand to do that adventrure? Meet Robert Hillery. Ironman, Ultraman, Marine, American Hero.

These are the photos of Robert during the run portion of the course to demonstrate the courage and conditions:

Start of Day One

Few miles into the Run

About the 10K mark of the run

Through the first Marathon

Burst of Emotion at the Finish Line!

Getting Hugs from his crew while mother Mary Ann looks on

Speaking to the crowd after the Race at the Awards Dinner

Team Pain Junkies

I am left in shock and wonder at the spirit, courage and determination of Robert and all of the Ultraman Participants.


Thanksgiving Breakfast in Kona – Ultraman

Another morning in Kailua starting at Lava Java, the bread there is great and the green tea keeps me going. After seeing Jason and Scott again for the third morning in a row, we headed over to the Outrigger Hotel for a Thanksgiving Breakfast and Race talk.

We grabbed the group photos, and did what we could to get team shots as well. For those of you who don’t know, each competitor has a minimum of 2 crew members present at all times during the race. Crews are the foundation of success for each participant.

Here are the photos, hope it illustrates the uniqueness of this race in terms of spirit and friendship.

Steve King Speaking

Shanna Armstrong in a Stetson

Cory in a Stetson from Lubbock

Race Director Jane and Competitor Jason

Competitor Group Shot

Peeps from Canada

Hawaii Day 2 – Ultraman

Day Two started with a walk on the pier and a phone call with the wife. Then over to Lava Java for the needed caffeine and camaraderie. Athlete registration at the Outrigger Hotel, a mini-road trip with John, portraits back at the hotel, a screening of Bicycle Dreams (about RAAM), and then dinner at Kona Brew Pub for the third night in a row. Endurance athletes like their routines.

And now for the pictures

Sunrise at the Pier on Day Two

The Pier in Kailua on Day Two

Not a Tree that you would find in Texas. Alii Drive in Kailua

Mike De Roux going for his morning swim

Brazillian Competitor showing me his game face

Leslie Z. one of the crew members. Here at the Outrigger Hotel

A pound of Coffee from Lions Gate Farm. Shown here with the owner Suzanne at the Outrigger Hotel

Again, here are the athlete bio’s for the 2010 Ultraman Championship

Be sure to check out the Lions Gate Farms coffee page too

And we are off, Happy Thanksgiving!

Nino Cokan and Crew – Ultraman

Met Nino at Lava Java in the morning along with many other competitors, got a chance to catch up with him again and his crew at the bike clinic on Tuesday evening.

Nino Cokan at the Bike Clinic

Nino's Crew - Kerri

Nino's Crew - Tina

Kona – Day One-ish – Travel

It’s Day One although we technically got to the island the night before. Day it is then. Woke up way early, excited to get some sunrise shots on a day when I could. They need more processing than I have time for right now. But I will throw up some teasers.

Breakfast at Lava Java, errands during the day, phone call with the wifey, and now off to the Bike Clinic.

A couple of images to chew on:

About 20 minutes after waking up, and first shot of the day

Palm Trees at Sunrise

Allii Road and the Ocean Wall

Lava Java, the meetup place for Ultraman Crew and Competitors

Competitors Jason Sissel and Slater Fletcher

To learn more about these individuals, visit the Ultraman Website

Tenille Hoogland – Endurance Athlete – Austin, Texas

My Friend and bad-ass triathlete Tenille Hoogland requested a few pictures so that she could send them to Sponsors to show them just how cool and awesome she is. We met up at Lake Bastrop after the Rogue Fat Ass Trail Race to get a few snaps on the bike and run. Knowing we didn’t have time to get swim photos, I wanted to start off with a few running photos with water in the background.

Running with a Smile

Used my AlienBee 800 into a 47inch ocotbox in real close, (had to crop it out of most of these photos), at full power. These were done at noonish. I was at iso100, f11ish, and 1/250th.

And open your eyes on 3!

For the bike, Just a couple quick circles for Tenille in the parking lot while I snapped away with the AlienBee bare at full power to get f13.

Aero Lean with Retro Coloring

Finally, for variety, we grabbed a couple of panning shots. I love panning shots!


Tenille will be guest starring in a personal project of mine soon, along with other awesome endurance athletes who live and train in Austin.

And this is where the Canadian Rides Away....

Thanks Tenille!

Endurance Athlete – Cindy Henges

I am in awe of the athletes in Austin. Cindy is one of these amazing people, nursing school, check, 2-time Leadville 100 mile Finisher, double check. Sweet, Funny, down-to-earth. check, check and check.

Got the chance to meet up with her for a photo session down at a mutual friends house, and we shot away for a few hours. Mind you, this was a week after finishing a 100 mile race in altitude.

Mentally and Physically Strong!

I love this one of her holding a winter jacket, looking tough and serene at the same moment.

I think this session has kicked off a new idea in my head for some of the personal work that you will be seeing from me, runners, triathletes, cyclist, I love what they represent and the beauty of a soul revealed through dedication.

See an interview with Cindy here